January Update - New Arena Shop Categories and New Quests


I entered the game in the morning I had 72 tokens and with more raid conquest and the daily conquest of 10 tokens ended up in this

someone else please take those achievement appearing on the screen blocking the view of my third robot




My T-coin has been brushed from over 300 to over 500. Thank you for the update.


Mohabid I love you.


Love the January Update! Thanks for continuing to improve the game!


I also wish they would NOT be there, they are annoying plus invisibly interfere with clicking on the back arrows when in campaign maps.


Wait,did the fuel regen rate get a buff?


The daily event was 100% more fuel regen


I identified and type mormal regeneration and 5 minutes i i upe in the store more regeneration gave 4:30 minutes more with this regeneration 100% took 2:00 minutes then goes to feed one hour and 30 and now and 60


Why is your mechHuge.


Maybe a perk…

I think the Giant mech existed at one point of Legacy…


If it did exist I want it

P.S. Nice profile pic


Because it’s cool and because I wanted him to do that position


is it planned to release useful categories of the arena shop?
Of these three, it makes sense to download only damage on the titanium, BUT, at the moment titanium is either killed or leaves no chance of winning (these + 10% damage will not help, and therefore it does not make sense to improve).

Thanks for the quests!


There is a great way not to depend on gold, but I will not tell you.
Enjoy the update)


That’s all I want to ask a question: and what actually happened?

In addition to the sprinkling of tokens by completed missions. And, if anyone has forgotten, the missions were nerfed and the current payment token only a part of taken.

The problem of the shop arena is long overdue and has repeatedly been raised on the forum. Decision even belated.
And in my opinion is irrational for the player-5% gold from the campaign - absolutely nothing.

Titan is a half-dead pile of junk. And 10% damage - less than nothing.

%arena gold - at a time when the hot topic of rare battles in the arena and the players do not play.

The one-day event recovery fuel is gone. And has passed without special consequences.

well, well… What do we have in the end?
Some returned tokens and beautifully designed lies about bug fixes allegedly in the form of updates.

Players are happy… shuld be happy… must be happy… to oblig be happy.



They are steps in the right direction

I believe the 5% Campaign Gold, 10% Arena Gold, and 10% Titan Damage are only halfway done, and likely leave room to expand later (to 10%, 20%, and 20% respectively)

I hope the fuel event makes a regular comeback (and hopefully just replaces the +50% Campaign XP that is going on now, possibly one of the worst events along with those low budget Mech sales :smile:)


idk if anyone posted that already ,just tell me if they did it
but now defeating boss is more worth it
one friend said that he defeat a boss on 2vs2 for first time,and he got 4 epic boosters in that boss box


I noticed I got a Premium Box out of nowhere…

I only play MadBoy 2v2 Normal… maybe I should beat other bosses again on 2v2 Insane and see if anything shows up


no no he said about the box which used to be shown in front of the boss in campaign mate