JamAnime12 and more


Hi all. I’m JamAnime12 also known with different accounts, that are basically the same name. I been playing this game, supermechs, for a long time. I’m a nice player in this game. I don’t like to give people crap, or any dumb posting in the game. I will put people in there place that are posting crap and going too far in chat room on other players. That is if I feel like it, . Yet, I just ignore stuff like that. That’s why I try to stay out of the chat room now.

Anyway,… So I guess you have to create an account with tacticsoft now, to post in forum. I guess our supermech forum account didn’t with tacticsoft. So keep it cool, and see you in the forum and game.


Welcome to the forums and may I say I do like your attitude. Feel free though to let our your creative spirit via artwork or music or even imaginative posts in our off topic section.


Welcome aboard. Hope to see many posts from you ^^ Seem to be a fun one.

Also, these forums are separate from the games now as the other one kinda got overrun by bots… and was WAAAAY out of date. This one is much better :wink: trust me.


Thanks Gaurav, and I willl be creative.

Thanks Malicewolf, and yes this forum is better.