I've lost tokens!


Of course I have no proof but I had about 1480 tokens.
And now it is 243! I wasn’t buying any boxes or any other token things. I was playing yesterday evening/night and it was ok. I turned off game and now it is reduced.
Help in some way. I add a screenshot when I had over 800 tokens, I don’t have newer.
A small proof can be level visible on screenshot. I played lot of raids, missions everyday and watched ton of ads.

Also nobody have access to my account so no chance for it.

Small update - I thought about it as a visual bug so I watched ad to get 2 tokens… and it is NOT visual bug. Now I have 245 tokens :anger:


Same happened to me , i bought a premium pack , didnt get the pack ,but lost the tokens.


I feel your pain… but it is not the same. I did not buy premium packs so I did not spend tokens on anything for tokens. I really like collecting as much as possible tokens and spend them all when it is -20%/-30% for premium packs. And now I lost 1.2k tokens!

I hope somebody will do something with this. They should have some kind of backup data. Online storage is super cheap so putting text data with players stats should not be a problem.




Maybe you were drunk when you bought the box, think again are you sure you didn’t buy one?


No bro I don’t drink alcohol. I am 100% sure that its not my bad.

Also as I said I don’t buy boxes in normal price.


I know that there was a weekend but I need help really fast. It is super harmful for me.
@Sarah247 @Mohadib @jonny please take a look ;_;


some times for no good reason i loose 3-5 tokens


It is not about 3 tokens or losing 335 paid for box. It is damn over 1200 tokens.

As a game supporter (buying tokens+watching ads+other activities) disappearing tokens is not what I except.

And it is so stressful that I can’t sleep in nights (lol?)
Almost 4 a.m. in Poland now, I need to get up in 3 hours and I can’t sleep.


I see you wrote in a support ticket. This will be handled there.


Problem solved. If only game worked as well as support…