I've been played this game's beta version very long ago and i'm not so new but new to this forums


Hello all! My newest name is Good Sir! Old ones are speed05 for old beta versions, speed05no02/awesomexxe06 for official versions but of course i’ve been scammed! I love this game! I’m android beta tester! Hope i will try the closed beta! When i was awesomexxe06 i fought many littlelost, reign, haka clan players. Tha heck! I ve even defeated some of their members but sadly that account of mine met it’s demise of scams! But anyway I’m using my mother’s facebook account to play this sexy game! Because i’m a man! How about you all? Are u all looking and feeling good?


Oh god the cringe Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reply


hey speed long time no see remember me im GODZILLA the one that used to talk in caps 24/7 and built only GODZILLA clans :slight_smile: