It's time to do something about Raid


but after a while they will get lower places because they cant get to the top 10 places even if they arent hacking, and there are a lot of players that may deserve to be in the top 10 of the raid but they wont be able to because of this


Okay, I am for saving replays of raids.
Better said saving the replay of a player’s best run.
That run’s score is the one counted so that one’s replay would be enough.

As for identifying cheaters that would be easy as you could just check if they fire twice in the first round when they should only have 1 action, if their attacks are within possible results (damage not beyond max damage + 20%, heat / energy damage not above weapon values + 20%) and if the enemy NPC acts like it should or not.

The only problem would probably be the reloading of players who like me do not want to accept a bad RNG result (bad as in lots of damage to the player) from the NPCs.
But that could be settled if the replays are always saved when a save is done, too.
The recording would start again with the reload.
So basically when you see the player mech suddenly reappearing at the starting point from the last saved position you’d know he reloaded the game due to a bad RNG result in the battle against the next NPC that he’ll fight next.


Have you ever heard of draws where players who have won a draw in the last month, are not allowed to claim a prize the following month (happens in casinos all the time)? It just gives other people a chance to win and prevents the same people from always winning (in this case the hacker/cheaters).

It would be more of the same mentality here. As mentioned above, scores could be noted so they can get the credit, but rewards would be capped to whatever is at 11 or lower.

Yes, ideally it would be nice to ban the hackers, and I’m sure there are ways it could be done, but is it worth the effort or worth losing a paying customer? So far, the answer from Tacticsoft appears to be no.


yeah but tbh i like the sound of a replay of the raid better
*no serious sacrifices from the player made
*hackers will be exposed
*ts can (if they want or more like they should) ban these hackers
*no one will have to wait to be on top again if they really deserve being on top



Exactly same as in Arena and about the weekly tournaments right now :exclamation:

The reason, I stopped spending real money for months now again :exclamation:



The hackers will just create replays of themselves losing and quickly flush out the actual replay of them cheating.


not if the replay if from the best run
this will force them to use their hacking skills to win and therefore that will get recorded so they will get caught red-handed


This problem has already been solved in the beginning of the post.


That is true, but imagine that, similarly to the highest score, only the HIGHEST SCORE REPLAY WAS RECORDED and kept for the viewing? After all, this is what hackers want most, to keep the highest score. So why not recording only this very battle?


I had been against such a thing due to the fact. They can record a lower score as their “highest”. And then once that’s saved redo it again to get the highest.

But since it was more thought out. (it saves the new highest as they do it). I’m starting to agree with it.

BUT no anti cheat measure is 100% fool proof. So I still have a little doubt in it. But hey, I’d like to see them give it a shot.


The most basic and simple anti cheat system would have been to make it impossible to get perfect.

Anyone who did would have been an automatic ban. Buy, hey, why use common sense to solve a problem =)


See, they tried that. That’s why you see randomized numbers now instead of 19,500.

But given people have LITERALLY exposed themselves by getting such scores. They’ve done nothing about them.

(sure some were perfectable with some items but others were no where near yet some got perfects on them).


True like first day is easy to get a perfect.

My point was on any day that it was not possible to get a perfect. They literally should have scripted an account ban. It would be self regulating.

The one thing I’ve noticed after watching multiple raid scores is that it doesn’t seem that they can pick and choose what they get score wise. The default and easy way is just get max raid which would be a no brainer ban. Apparently, hackers are too lazy repeat the raid multiple times and get a feasible score. Well, not all of them at least. I know of one still playing that bragged about how he hacked it in game chat. He says he doesn’t do it anymore but you’ll still see him in the top 9.

Irony is, when someone confronts him about it … He attacks the person who questions him. It’s amusing.


Why do I get the feeling you’re speaking of a certain Crow.

Correct me if I’m wrong.


Replay of the raid will give away the tactic and wepons used by the player.
Thus it will be replicated by others, and you will have 20 first places, with same score.
The fun of the raid is to build specificly and find the perfect tune to do it the best.
And then there is the luck factor… if one gets hit with a low roll rng of the mechs wepon, he gets better score… while other will simply have to replay many times, to replicate a similar result.
Have in mind, that the first one to find the strategy, will then get copied by others… and probably will not get 1st place.
Cheaters in raid have always been a problem.
But a simple report to Sarah, will get them banned… as it should be normal.


Actually, would calculating Overkills and Ultrakills into the equation be helpful here?

If people are cheating with lower quality Mechs, why not make it more difficult to get Perfect scores. For a Perfect score, make Ultrakills on every opponent necessary (I realize Perfect score will be near impossible). This will favor players with truly quality weapons that can put in that kind of damage.

This actually adds a layer of strategy to the Raids as you have to configure your weapons to set up Ultrakills

Also, number of times weapons are fired can be calculated into the equation as well. If they are cheating by getting extra turns, again, this would affect their ability to get a Perfect Score and would favor the Quality Mechs.


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To me RAID is a big question mark … it´s obvious that those who go first are not necessarily those who have not received damage, but who have received less damage and have hit harder (the 2 things count for the score) .

But what really catches my attention (sometimes) are the unknown names and the low range some “winners” have.


It’s because of those cheaters.
And how do they cheat? Techo sended us the video of how did they done that.

Yes…the raid is the biggest problem.