It's time to do something about Raid


This would benefit both Tacticsoft and the player base. Tacticsoft already has infrastructure built for replays so what about Raid Replays for players?

It’s obvious that Tacticsoft can’t keep up with the cheats happening with the game first of all. How many times have you as a player looked at a person in 1st place only to find 3 crap mechs built and a name you don’t recognize?

With replays and clear numbers being displayed we can see exactly what is happening. I think everyone involved would like this solution. The player base can now stop being paranoid and watch someone actually achieve that “perfect” score AND Tacticsoft gets free anticheat from its player base.

It truly is a win/win scenario.


i wish they did that but i think for now they should get rid off the bugs… cause one happened to me just now…


This very idea has been proposed before (ironically by me and a few others).

You can easily override the replays system simply by replaying the mission over and over. I don’t know specifically if TS has a system that allows them to record each and every replay. (it may help while being an expensive idea to implement).

Cheaters/Hackers/Exploiters can still bypass it with ease. Especially since PVP’s replay system is nothing to be proud of with it’s issue on updating replays/adding all replays etc.

If anything they should start mass banning these types of people. There’s so many known cheaters/hackers/exploiters. Yet TS does nothing to them. I’ve yet to see some of the people we complained about previously banned at all. Even the most obvious ones.

People who’ve cheated have reported themselves to TS directly and had nothing done to them. With actual proof of their cheating.

I hate to repeat this because I feel TS has been trying lately (eh), but they’re incompetent when it comes to dealing with cheaters/hackers/exploiters.


All they would have to do is not let it overwrite the replay with the highest score.

Sorry, but that is such a small problem to overcome. Still an easy fix.


I agree, I personally would love to see something done about these guys.

An un-abusable replay system would help figure out how these guys get such high scores. But you’d also need to think of what TS would do with the information. Because as you can tell, they aren’t a fan of banning people.

(Not completely at least).


sTuPid UpDaTe


I don’t know but my trust for Tacticsoft is very low.

Especially when I look at the raid rankings. They are literally rewarding people for cheating while those who aren’t get worse rewards.

This would be something to strengthen trust between the company and its player base. That said, if I read the new rules correctly you can’t even post how someone might be cheating on these boards anymore. The goal seems to be to hide it as much as possible rather than try to fix it currently.

That’s my interpretation of it. Doesn’t mean I’m right but that’s what it looks like from the outside in.


About the raid, I think it has to do with the portal bug, but my raid levels aren’t progressing. I’m stuck on level 3.


How about this simple solution…

Any player who has won a Raid the previous week, is not eligible for a Top 10 prize the following week

  • very simple to implement (just give them the next highest rating available, eg, if they’re score was good enough for 1st, give them 11th)
  • different people will have a chance to win raid
  • Tacticsoft doesn’t have to get into the dirty aspects of reviewing accounts or banning people
  • legitimate players will have more chance to win

Overall, it’s not a perfect solution, but it’s fairly quick and easy to implement and removes some of the benefit of cheating


These very cheaters would make new accounts and cheat off there.

And judging by that “Stupid Update” guys mech I doubt he cares to restart again


Then they’ll really arouse suspicion if a brand new mech finishes the raid with a perfect score . I just don’t think the hacker creating a whole new Mech is realistic or cost-effective for them.

Plus, I’m sure Tacticsoft can determine if/when accounts are coming from the same IP. I think the simple solution proposed cuts the benefit of cheating immediately in half


There’s a ton of things they could do. For instance mass banning all known and suspected hackers/cheaters/exploiters.

Someday they’ll add something to deal with it. Until then, we have to deal with this.


Here’s the problems with mass bans…

First of all, you would have to be 100% sure they are cheating, not just suspected. That’s going to take time and effort, and I’d rather they spend that on continuing to improve strategy, variety and balance.

Secondly, I don’t know whether they do or not, but if these hackers/cheater/exploiters are donating/making purchases, even small ones, does it make good business sense to ban these people?

I’m not sticking up for them, but I’m just trying to see things from Tacticsoft’s point of view. Now I know the counterargument that yeah, everyone will be less satisifed with the product… but really, what % of the player base actually has a chance at these top spots?

With the simple solution suggested, the players that actually have a chance will get their chance, cheating is less profitable, and Tacticsoft still gets the hackers/cheater/exploiters donations… it may not all be exactly ‘right’, in the moral sense, but it works.


The raid is always broken and hacked.
I totaly agree on this one lad.


I don’t have a lot of faith that they play their own game beyond testing personally.

Raid is the perfect place to catch cheating yet it seems it is an ignored asset. Sad if they can’t do something simple like this to solve it since it really requires very little.


How could we be 100 percent sure? I’m sure there are ways.

Btw, I’d like to congrulate the top 9 people right now on raid. They did a fantastic job and both the community and Tacticsoft should recognize the dedication it took for them to get where they are. Please, no negative comments so they will not be construed as negative or an attack on any individual.


Except for that person '‘nerf’'
He cheated.


i dont think that sounds too fair…
what if you worked your butt off to get to 1st place and then you manage to again but you end up at 11th place?
tbh i think they should just allow replays


How is it not fair. Your best score is saved.

Anything else would be UNFAIR.


i dont think that sounds too fair…
what if you worked your butt off to get to 1st place and then you manage to again but you end up at 11th place?
tbh i think they should just allow replays

I realize it’s not necessarily “fair” but as I pointed out earlier, Tacticsoft has been either unable or unwilling to ban specific players. Let’s just say, they won’t, then what I suggested is maybe the next best compromise (cut their benefit from cheating in half)

It’s actually the cheaters/hackers that usually get the very top spots anyway, by not taking any damage (which is impossible). They will ahve the most to lose, and the players who are shut out of the top spots by hackers will gain.