It's possible to recover an account without the email?

An old acc I have got hacked, and the Email that was used is fake (ikr, use fake emails is bad).
There’s a way to recover the pass?

Thanks, and have a good day.

Don’t create alts

You’ll have to ask Tacticsoft - possibly, but no guarantees.

Technically alternate accounts are ‘illegal’, although as far as I know nobody gets in trouble for it - but I’d avoid it in the future.

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No, you can’t. Think you should ask TS to help you change your email.

oh hey @Skiller-Legendary…haven’t seen you in a while

Heeey… Wasn’t in game a while, coz my kitchen was on fire (TRUE STORY).

oh…what happened?

I dunno, it was on fire when I came home.

A friend created the accout for me, and he told “I created it with fake gmail”

If you had make a purchase, tacticsoft would recover your account, send (message) pictures about your purchase to supermechs fanpage on facebook, but you must be patient, because the response is very slow. But if you hadn’t make a purchase, tacticsoft wouldn’t recover your account.
I had the same problem with you, and i’m lucky because my purchases was saved in itunes.

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