It's Lockdown Time

BYE BYE supermechs
Its been fun playing supermechs. I had enjoy lot, made many good friend’s. I’m not top player my winrate is 55% though win loss doesn’t much matter, I play this game on mobile to stress free from ma college studies.

Unfortunately i got lockdown situation I can’t get into my account, don’t know may be i mess up something. How stupid am i, I tried to recover it every way but its not possible. so I decided to leave SM, I can’t spend same amount of time and energy making other account, because I have other many important things to do in life.

Therefore i decided to END my SM pilot journey here.
I wish best of luck all pilots and ma friends.

Thank you @Sarah247@Elcent @Jess for helping me.

Love You all
Meet you on mars


Bye :sweat:, and good luck in college! :smile:

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Very weird that you cannot recover your account. Only situation I can think of is you shared your password with someone and they went in and changed your email and password. In this case, it’s paramount for us to stress that you should never share your password with anyone.

Sorry to see you leave, best of luck.

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