It's good build?

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Show your mods as well, can’t judge a build by looks alone.

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Ah for an energy mech, you’ll want to run tons of energy, so two heat engines are fine as it is. 3 energy/1 energy booster is fine.

Now your weapons are fine, except for the sword on the right…that you can replace with something else, perhaps malice beam or another last words if you can support the weight.

@TechnoDive knows more on this subject, so I’ll let him give you more info on energy mechs.


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Now just max everything out and run with it as is.

another tip

test the energy tracks and those maxed supporters, I wonder which would work best for your build.

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323 heat and 124 cooling its good? i think it’s very low

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Wait, need to do the math here, forgot it’s a grim torso.

El-metre has knowledge on enegies, completely forgot. (apologies El), so I’ll let him take over.

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And the hp is also low.
Change torso to zark, let go of malice, use a single cooling booster, put another energy engine.
It is either malice or axe… not both.
You can use this as a guide line.

so let me see if i get it right… this is done from memory alone:
Torso: Zark
feet : sparked runers
Modules setup: 5 energy engines, 1 heat engine, 2 epic plates.
Drone: faceshoker.
sides: 1 bunker, 1 lastwords, 1 storleaver,
Top: histeria.
Uyility: hook and teleport.
The mech will have the folowing stats: 993kg.
HP: 1789
Heat : 401/ 154 cooldown.
Energy: 650/240 regen.

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Aight , what am i working with here?


From what i saw .

Try this loadout .

Both are pretty effective in the top ranks.

Gear :

Sparked Runners
Bunker (or an ash creator if you have it)
Last Words
Malice Beam


Last Words
StormW or Malice

Modules :
5x Energy engines
2x hp mods
1x heat engine

Its a good build , decent drain and damage.

You should NEVER use grim reaper for a energy mech , unless you have atleast ONE myth hp plate.

Srry for off-topic,but…

All the vandal rages cracked me up for some reason…:joy::joy: :joy:
I’m special…:laughing:

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is it my turn

okay so should i scrap it for a energy mech

Not a pro for heat mechs.

@Rovolution is the heat mech god , you should ask him.

Haha I’m not a god but if I may give my opinion, the hard part for heat mech is close combat, if u don’t have a good range 2 weapon (rapture,reckoning, abominationor even a sorrow ( all premium weapons) ) you can hardly build something scary…

Repulsor are not a good option in my opinion… you lose an action to push and against a physical that deal 400+ damage each actions is important…

Heat needs premium équipement to survive… if you don’t have them good luck!

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Sad reality exposed…

My heat mech would probably survive if i use a nemo / clash instead of murmur tho

Thats a good start - actually the meta ‘free’ build right now. If you get lucky enough to obtain a premium range 2-4 push item, drop terror cry and repulsor and use it. Your modules are pretty good, keep 'em; Feel free to drop the repulsor if you need weight for utilities (hook, teleport and charge). Keep it up though, you’re already doing pretty good.