Its dont matter dat i am rank 1 anymore i always keep forward no matter what happen i gonne become a top player why because gamer has no limite

hi guys its my frozo i m new

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Hello,it’s me OmegaEmperor_627…:slightly_smiling_face:

hey omegaemperor_627 sup

Hello, I’m Ex3, How do you do?

good very very very good

i think i was once in your clan (if you had one), my name was night pegasus

the naruto player

belive it


This text will be blurred

this kind of player

good luck bud

oh, ok

This text will be blurred

thank you all people

night peqasus yes i remember you

peqasus let talk in 15,30 in super mechs

almost 1 view ,

Who are you? In the game rank 1 ? Ummm