Its been along time


Anyone remember me? :confused:

Its been a few years.


Hey Elric. I remember you. Welcome back to the game and welcome to the new forums :slight_smile:


hey Elric it has been awhile.


shoo Elric, shoo.

Hey buddy :slight_smile: Glad to see you back around.


Oh hey I remember this guy too, a few old faces showing up :smiley:


Hey Elric, just came back myself. Welcome back bud

Is this the dude who wrote these?


here is the link to one of the most hilarious thread ever on BD FORUM.

Welcome back!


Thanks for the link this is really good. they should bring that thread to these forums its much to good to leave it on a dead forums.


This was inspired by watching conversations on Kongregate-Battledawn’s Chat.

Sounds accurate haha.

Really good stuff on there indeed. Welcome back Elric!


I can relate to this one :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep, thats me! You’re head of AANC now? That’s neat.


Oh man, these comics. I missed these. :smiley:


Oh the comic guy elric


I’ll ask the mods if its alright, if I can repost them. Don’t want to come off as spamming or anything.


You have permission to repost them.


Yeah sure
Just create a new thread :slight_smile:


I will ban you

jk jk, go ahead


I reject your authority old friend!

Ha, no - good to see you’re still around.


Here we are everyone, I brought over the first 12.