It's been 2 days


Since I played SM and I’m not even mad. Been playing other games that allow progress without real money.

D a r k n e s s R i s e s.


Two days since coming back?


Meh, I have 6 mythicals maxed in 4 months and a lot of legendarys.


Coming back? I didn’t leave. I’ve only been playing for a little over 2 months.

I just joined at a bad time, right before a massive wave of nerfs. I saw what the game was and what it is now.

I only have one. But what I do have is 3 mechs all either max Leggy or low Mythical. My balanced setup seems to fare well against your single maxxed mech. :sunglasses:


Nice bro, continue…


LOL. Just giving you a hard time. it’s just a game. Besides, eventually we’ll all end up with at least 3 high powered mechs. We just chose different paths to get there. Of course, that’s only if I ever decide to play again.


5 days now. Think I might be done with this game.