Items Upgrade Questions

Hi friends,

I am new this game. I have a question.

These my items;

50 Lvl Windigo and 40 Lvl iron boots
40 Lvl corrupt light, Bulldog, Nightfall and Malice Beam.
Which one İ upgrade from legendary to Myth.
First option for me: iron boots upgrade from legendary to Myth for HP
Second option: corrupt light upgrade from legendary to Myth for heat
Third option: Malice Beam upgrade from legendary to Myth for energy
What do you think?
What do you do if you are? Or New idea

between the 3 options, I would say The Iron Boots…

Personally I would ask why is there no drone listed there?

They make a big difference to be able to fire every turn after using them just once.

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Why do you have Energy, Physical, and Heat weapons all on one mech…?

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Yes, it can be a drone upgrade. I have 40 lvl Snack legendary. What do you think…

I have not choose my way yet :slight_smile: I don’t decide energy or heat…

Pick one, energy and heat should NEVER go together. :slight_smile:


Actually I think energy for now because I have a bulldog. This is amazing weapon.

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What you can do is now swap out ALL the heat and physical weapons you have (including drones and grapple) and turn your mech into 100% energy :slight_smile:

Dont fuse away the good items though. Hold on to the best of them in case you do want to change back.

By using 100% energy you can try to get your opponent down to 0 energy. This will cause additional damage to them and not allow them to use some of their weapons.

However you’ll need a bit more regen for your mech as all energy weapons use energy and you don’t want to be running out and left stranded.


Thank you for your idea. Then, I will change corrupt light and nightfall.

I have ultrabright and second Malice beam.
Totally: 2 Malice beam 1 Bulldog and 1 Ultrabright sideweapon
Top weapon hysteria and blue madness or two hysteria.
What do you think this combination?

Thank you for your help…

I don’t currently use an energy build… But don’t over load your mech. Using a gun in every slot often isn’t needed.

1 think you can do is get rid of the blue madness as it has a limited transform range and you won’t want an epic gun on a build with mythicals.

I would try out combinations in missions against robots and see which combo suits you best. Remember you never really want to have to move your mech as its a lost turn so try to make sure you have guns that can fit every range or alternative use grapples/teleport to make sure you are in the correct place to do the most damage.

"However you’ll need a bit more regen for your mech as all energy weapons use energy and you don’t want to be running out and left stranded."
is there any torso for regen? What is your offer?

“By using 100% energy you can try to get your opponent down to 0 energy. This will cause additional damage to them and not allow them to use some of their weapons.”

i dont know this rule. Thanks your man.

My English is bad. Sorry for that

I would advise getting a module to do this rather than a torso as you already have a maxed out windigo :slight_smile:

Your English is perfectly fine :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Thanks for your advise. You have been very helpful. Im grateful. I have two energy module. I will change one of them. :slight_smile:

Whatever you do in SM, try to think about the “BIG” picture, or the long-term strategy, as fusion points are extremely costly these days (and once you invest them, there is no way back). Couple of hints:

  1. Think about your 3 mechs - eventually you will end up with 3 builds, it is good if they are aligned with one another well. So pick any type (heat, energy, phys) and build a team of 2 + 1 (e.g. 2 energy and 1 phys, 2 heat and 1 energy, etc.). The one different mech will be your counter strike (e.g. if you get drained in energy mech, switch to your Annihilation energy-free third mech and boom, you are back in the game).
  2. YOU SIMPLY MUST DECIDE ON THE TYPE OF MECH. Do not mix weapon types (as in your example, phys, energy, heat in one mech). You will lose every time.
  3. You do not need energy only in two cases: energy-free phys (Annihilation or Mercy) or energy-free heat (combo of Reckoning, Desolations, Sorrows, etc.). But remember that heat en-frees are extremely rare (legend-myth, and in my opinion available only from non-purchasable boxes, like after going up the level or monthly reward). IN ANY OTHER CASE YOU NEED A LOT OF ENERGY (about 400 is minimum). So focus on energy modules (storage, engine).
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I would like to know how to manage modules, so my mech can sustain in battle against any mech type, if its possible

It couldn’t ba totally powerful against 3 mechs builds…

You can choose to focus your modules to counterbalance the torso+leg flaws (low regen/cooling/HP/Capacity/etc…), or to improve your strong points…

but keep in mind you can choose: -to focus to be be unbeatable against 1 type of build, but you will be very weak againt 1 or the 2 others
-to be hard to bring down for 2 mech builds, but the last third one will beat you easily
-or to be an all-rounder, good at everything, excellent at nothing (meaning you can handle decent builds form the 3 types, but you’ll lose against a very-specialised build)

It’s in this game’s nature to make players choosing a balance between their weak and strong points ^^


Thanks Mordulec and YGGM. Very useful advise one of them…

so that’s mean that energy mechs nhas the best chanse withstand all?
(given have enough energy reserve)

That depends on the type of your opponent… Let me share my current experience. I run a setup of all 3 types, I got an energy, heat and phys. Of these, my heat has only Reckoning and Clash that are energy-free (rest is Supreme Cannon and Dawnblaze), and for phys I speced 2x Annihilation (Night Eagle and Void need energy). My current energy setup is circa 580 energy and approx 380 heat. SO:
When I meet High Flight of John Magee, I am toast. My energy is still too weak (not maxxed), and with my heat and phys I might as well go to another sandbox and build some castles. I am drained max on 3rd round (heat), and my phys does not run any energy modules, so it is raw Avenger energy (193, and shitty 64 regen I believe). No use to bother clicking… I get drained on first round, then perma-pushed away of Annihilation range, and there is no use to deploy the drone. So, what is the point?
If I want to seriously challenge strongest energy builds, I must work on my energy (which I am currently doing, but I still need to max my energy section and weapons… pain in the ass!). Phys do not have good long range energy free weapons. Annihilation and Mercy are only options. But try to nail Mercy… Good luck…