Items that need buff

Archimond needs a huge boost they should make it better than avenger or switch its stats with avenger it should be one of the best torsos in the game because it’s the only one that you can only get in legendary.


look up,there are some ideas,which will make it better but still balanced

I propose that Archimode becomes an all-around torso with moderate hp, moderate heat, and moderate energy. I suggest that its weight also comes up, as it will then become a player in the arena.

982 hp
220 heat
70 cooling
220 energy
70 regen

18 resistance for all shields.
Weight of 350

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Idk, 350 weight seems too high for that kind of stats.

Maybe 346?

Sounds good.
Anybody else got input on archimode stats?

Quite frankly, those stats are essentially a nerf. It’s basically an heavy Interceptor with more energy and 100 more hp. There are 2 factors that need to be considered:

  1. Torsos usually require a base of ~1000 hp to be effective (except for energy and some heats)

  2. As an L-M, it should be better than or equal to Zark

I propose the following stats:

1156 Hp
270/75 Heat
217/72 Energy
346 Weight

According to Blex’s formula (Base Hp*(Heat1.3)(Cooling1.88)(Energy1.3)(Regeneration*1.88) - (Excess weight over 300)(7.0), this gives Archimonde a value of 1702, as opposed to Zark’s 1681.


I would rock that :+1:

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I insist that all modules need buff …

Since the Arena update you need to carry more modules on your mechs, the energy and heat modules are a bit obsolete. The same with the new weapons.

Before you had a heat weapon that made 100 heat damage and a cooling module that cooled 60 … but Arena is by percentage. Then, you now find that the same weapon has 120 heat damage and the cooling module cools down 72 …!

The weapon gained 20 more points and the module only 12 points.

Or buff to the modules or buff to the statistics of all torsos.


We dont want something op though, we want balance…

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That’s hardly OP, it’s actually quite balanced. Heat isn’t too high, energy’s not too high. CD/Regen isn’t too high.

HP is pretty high but still fine for those stats.


The orb cannons! I really like them but they aren’t really worth using them are they?


Mighty cannon and spinefall are the only ones worth using.

Might Cannon = if you don’t have Spartans (hit’s the same as spartan without res/uses).

Spinefall since it’s got pretty high damage, regen dmg, and some other shit. (if you don’t have VS).

Desert Idiot (snake) is like Deso only WORSE. So don’t bother using it.


Just pointing out 1 thing: Arch is supposed to have same heat stats as energy stats (Like Ronin in GOAT for exemple)…

And with a distant thought on @Yeet ('cause I’m not really good at judging the stats of an item), this seems good for me…


Let’s say and compare it with windigo
With windigo a all rounder build need 3energy engines +3 heay engines +2 plates

400+ energy (200+ regen)

  500+heat (250+ cooling )

With zarkares
3 energy engines
3 heat engines
2 plates
(1904 )hp
470+energy (200+regen )
500+ heat (250+ cooling )

Now u compare these

At this time if a torso has the same heat statistics as energy, you need to carry 1 more module of energy than heat.

It´s that good @YGGM said this, because this shows the imbalance of the game in favor of energy.

If the game were balanced you would need the same amoun modules of both heat and energy.

Here I did a small test to compare. The torso is not maxed out, but you can see well how 3 heat modules are enough, instead you need 4 energy modules.

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Missing max there 1 energy module and the torso (of course).

Either way, if you make numbers you will always need 1 more module of energy.

Nope - not correct …

Energy and Heat works different :exclamation:

You need to learn that difference :exclamation:

Heat = Heat

Energy = Energy

Physical = Physical

All 3 types are working in a different way :exclamation:


I do sort of understand her point there. It is not okay that you can crush heat mechs with 2 heat modules but you need 5 energy modules to stand up to energy.
Keep in mind this was a fact even before emp.

I dont think that they might need the same amount, but energy right now requires much more effort to counter, which is unfair to heat.


Right! It doesn´t matter if heat and energy work differently.

Beyond any mathematical calculation, in practice it´s like that, you need more effort (and tools) to beat the energy than to beat heat.

That is unbalanced and it has been that way since the beginning of this version. And if not, ask why most want to have energy mechs.

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Then there we go…

Use 2 heat engines and 5 energy engines

It’s just different rates. For 3 energy, it’s worth 2 heat etc.

There will always be one “better” type than the other two. If we nerf energy, then Physicals will rule the battle field. Then everyone will complain Phys is too strong and want a nerf or buff something. Then Physical become weaker, leaving either heat or energy strong again. And the ctory goes on over and over again.

There will always be haters and lovers, debates and fights, but there will never be a balance in any game that consists of tiers, types or items.

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