🤷 Items That Are Rare ( Old Items / Collectables ) 🤷


I have 2 heat Shields: one for 30% and one for 45% you can’t get shields any more…
Grabs as of now Only have 1 use I have a mythical Grab 2 uses.
Teleports as of now Only have 1 use I have a mythical Teleport 2 uses.

I wanna see your Old items or Collectables that you can’t get any more
Showed you mine :wink:


sorry already got rid of old items


i had maxed out myth flame hook, a maxed out myth fire tail and a maxed out lightning gate. but i got better ones now so they got boosted into my drone


i also have these modules maxed out
minus the energy engine


Double use teleporters. Yes, those are very good. If the new hooks didn’t have a very long range, I’d be sticking with the old double-use hooks…

The I still have my HORROR mech Torso so I can sometimes show to @Fluxeon. The Anubis which vaguely looks like the newbie torso does not have quite the same effect because it is very large.

I think I forgot about the shields during the purge so when I started off with the low-level items, I think those shields were the first to go (unfortunately )

I have kept my mythical health modules.


MELT away the HORROR… thank you very much.


No one has any rare or obtainable item screenshots ?

I still have some old legacy weapons and more :frowning:


i have some images but they may not be rare


Yesss old items keep those, sadly I got rid of all the ammo modules


i actually got rid of them


Yes i know i should really be upgrading lol


Dang dude you have like everything maxed.

Holy crap that Freaking Energy shield **
3 Energy per 1 Damage OP OP OP 50%


i had that too


i had all but three items


Rarest item ever existed in game up to date :