Items Techtree: New feature?

I just create a new acc, but I see a new system called"unlock" in workshop, it shows all the weapons’s pic
But when I log in to my main acc, there’s nothing
It is a bug or glitch?


Interesting find there

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Maybe it isn’t there in your main account because you cleared the whole campaing?


It’s not there for my first or second account

Let me check my second account

And my acc that doesn’t finish whole campaign doesn’t show this too

Not there

Maybe because we are not newbies?
I think it disappears when you reach a certain milestone

i am not a newbee but still i want to know what items available and how it is possible to develope…

That makes no sense, the ones which actually needs to know the item stats are the strong players…


Could be they wanted people to have a more indepth item description and you’re one of the lucky few that gets to test out the new feature? idk

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Yeah, that’s a nice feature!

You’re probably right… It’s probably a new feature being tested out

End of convo.

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Oh, I know what is it. You can either see there are new boxes in the shop (on your new acc). Those are A/B testings developers do from time o time. Remember when I posted something about new boxes in the shop? Those were also A/B testings. Ask @Sarah247 if you don’t trust me.

I want to see the post (just curiosity not disbelief)

Sure, I’ll give you the link, but wait me a few mins.

altough it would be better imo that they revise the guide…there are still the legacy items there

Are you able to post a few screenies of it? I’m quite curious as to what’s there.

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That wiki was made during Legacy time.
Has not been updated ever since…

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