Items in clan shop


same thing as old super mechs from 2013-2017 but costs clan coins and the coins depend on how effective the weapon+rarity of the item and are 3 items on rarities common-mythical.

cost in rarity part:

  • common should be 1 arena coin
  • rare should be 5 arena coins
  • epic should be 50 arena coins
  • legendary should be 300 arena coins

examples of cost in clan coins:

  • CL should be 10-1500 clan coins since are R-M that is 5 clan coins from rare rarity plus the how useful that is

above its just examples don’t consider that is not a op idea and the rarity of the 3 items is random sometimes is only common other is only rare,it varies to be balanced and the transform range counts if are C-M,R-M,E-M and L-M varies the additional cost in arena coins


You shouldn’t be able to buy mythicals, and l-m’s should cost as much as the pack.


Everything seems too cheap, and even thought I would love to be able to buy mythical items, I’m not sure if it’s a good idea.


it should be a good idea,i edited recently then no mythicals items