Items Imbalance Feedback

Hi Pilots,

We’re planning to do an items balancing session soon and are currently collecting data to which items to focus on.
As part of that we’re looking for feedback from you guys on which items should we examine during this session.

  • Please state the items you feel are most imbalanced and provide an explanation why you think they are OP or UP.
  • Try to give numerical/gameplay reasons, and less ‘feeling’ reasons, to help us focus on the items with the most impact.
  • If someone already mentioned an item you also feel is imbalanced, please mention it. This helps us know more than one player thinks this item has an issue. You don’t have to repeat reasons already given, though.

Let’s hear it! :slight_smile:

  • Dead punch heat style
  • Dead punch energy style
    (Too much damage)
  • Cold fire energy style
    (Too much energy damage)
  • And heat version have much heat damage.

These two items need to be reclassified from legendary/myths to at least epic/legendary/myths.

They are provide more than double the advantage of their regular counterparts and there is no replacement or counter for them. Health and to a lesser extent resistance are staple items - you’ve addressed the issue with the previous heat control modules only to recreate it with these items.

I’ve already created a thread about them here and other players such as @El_Metre have flagged the issues with these items as well :


The mythical hooks and charges. They pack more dmg then other mythical wepons, they are supose to be utility items.
Phis hook 260-350 dmg.
Phis charge 250-340 dmg.
Death punch all series they need to be nerfed, i sugest also work on their range( range 2-6), maybe (3-5) better?.
Also that myth energy drain wepon with 3 uses( 265 drain way to much).
Also buff the orb, phis orb need to have also range 2-8( because it weights more then the other top phis thing, and uses 28 energy and heat to shot).
The new lava and coldfire, way to OP.
And the platinum platings 315hp… gives to much advantage over the build( 680 hp, more then epic counterparts, when using 4 of them), basicly assurres the win only thru hp alone.

These are legacy items, we don’t touch legacy items.

Erm, not sure what you’re on about, but Platinum Plating and Maximum Protector are not legacy items…

Also if there are errors (I think there is one weapon that state wrong range) let us know as well.

Please allow more variation in transformation ranges.


  • Almost no weapons can be upgraded from rare to mythical. (I think just 2?)
  • No weapons have a finished range of legendary (some torso and legs do)
  • You need a complete new set of modules to get from epic to mythical due to transform ranges

I’m not asking that everything is upgrade-able to mythical or legendary but just that there be a bit more of variation. eg a cooling module can get to legendary from rare.

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Maybe the pics are confusing you? this is a version of one of the items that hasn’t been maxed out.

I don’t have a pic of basic platinum plating, but I expect someone here can find one.

I don’t know what to say man, can’t you really tell the difference between a legacy item and one of the new ones you’ve created?


Valiant Sniper For Energy Is Also An Unbalanced Top Weapon And The Death Punchs Adn Platinum Platings as well as Maximum Protector And Hooks…

It Is In This One …- The Image Of Platinum Plating


good morning, you really send bad signals to those who play supermechs, identify the data, help improve the game, as a luck to save time for you, example: you ask for help that takes days or weeks to solve 1 20 or 30 things that were said . but to change the game against us it takes them 1 minute, I’m referring to the change in the campaign, now big boy does not give 2 epic weapons in the final battle, now only 1 da. game less proportioned, because they do not put 3 epics, or 3 boxes with epics, that would be to help a little to the player who after obtaining weapons should die trying to improve them, and that way once again it is shown that “supermechs = payment for victory”

PS: not to mention the lag and the multiple errors originated by the false 520 supposed players in the lobby, when there is only max 120

Now if you ask me that the game is disproportionate, I think I would have to say that the vision of the developers.

I explain why!

if 95% of the mythical weapons consume energy and in turn the electric weapons have a high damage of drainage of energy, besides the high drainage of energy, they provide a very high damage, if it does a lot of drainage damage should not have as much power of damage, or if it generates a high damage, should not drain as much energy, that gives the electric a very difficult advantage to overcome.

the same case applies to heat.

additional to this the ranges of these weapons, and some without limit of turns makes all the other weapons seem useless, then take note …

  • excessive drainage vs. high damage

  • range of weapons / limits of use of weapons

  • make an entertaining game / force to buy

  • request collaboration to report cheaters / give efficient response to complaints


They think you are talking about legacy items because people are using names like ‘Death Punch’ which is the legacy version of the new weapon with the same look and same single use that is crazy overpowered.

It’s just goes to show just how broken the new item is. It’s so rare, most people don’t even have it nor know the name of it. But everyone knows it as ‘the new death punch’ because we’ve all been on the receiving end of it.

As for my input on crazy broken items, I would point to the new way armor items work.

The same weight (40) for the version that caps out at epic and the version that is legendary/mythic only, but the epic one caps out at 150 hp and the mythic gives more than 300+. Make that 300+ hp version weigh double the amount of the 150 hp version, so there is an actual decision making process involved. Take up less utility slots means using up more weight, or use the Epic version to keep total weight down by require more utility slot usage.

Dude, I get you - but this is not a player that mistook them for legacy items… @mohadib is a game developer, one of the guys behind this update…you know, one of the guys that made these OP items

Maybe… but in the games I’ve worked and continue to work on, there is usually a pretty big difference between the people who post on forums and the people who write the code or fill out the data files.

Anyways according to this video

Some of the new item names (of items that need nerfs) are:
Crimson Rapture: new 3 use 1-2 range flamethrower
Bunker Shell: new energy death punch weapon
Magma Blast: new heat death punch weapon

Oh, and I do find it pretty astounding that according to this video opening 200+ new premium crates (now 400+ crates that only give 1 item at a time) the video maker only ended up with a single Bunker Shell, single Magma Blast.

Crazy powerful and crazy rare to get even when opening an obscene amount of premium boxes? Seems fair… :stuck_out_tongue:

any idea in changing fusion and transformation costs

I think this thread needs to be moved to a proper forum section like ‘general’ because for such an important topic about serious item imbalance, I don’t think anyone can actually find this thread, let alone contribute to it.

I agree on the weight difference issue. Noted.

really like the OP energy wepons… 265 drain… at the cost of 30 energy…seams so balanced.
Also that death punch thingy, and the new flame, and the shotgun.
You do realize that you can’t beat it unless you have the same wepons.
Remembered how you said, that “we will change the game so that there are more viable builds, and for the diversity… and that you can win others by using skill and wits.” Ahammm… right… would like to see that any time now…

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As mentioned by others, but encourage to repost in the original post, there is definitely issue with the new Death punches, the Bunker Shell and Magma Blast.

They simply do too much in a single action, and multiplayer is an environment where every action counts. They do crazy high hp damage, drain resistance, drain total reserve, and inflict huge heat/energy damage and they do it all in a single action. It takes 2 shots from any other weapon to do what this weapon does in 1 action.

Not only this, the firing range is extremely generous. I believe it’s 2-6, though it could be 2-4. The old death punch, you could hide under the gun range of it by fighting in close with melee and flamers. This new one you can’t duck under, one stomp puts you into range.

I would suggest:

Keep the outrageous high damage, it’s nice to have a pure high damage heat/energy weapon type.

  1. Dramatically reduce the heat damage/energy damage inflicted by these weapons. They don’t need to and shouldn’t ever do 700+ damage (bunker shell vs energy depleted target).
  2. However much heat/energy damage they inflict, cut it in half so it’s no more than 100.
  3. Change the range of the weapon so it’s clunky to use. A lot of old weapons were like this, too many new weapons are too easy to use. Old tactics positioning to avoid certain shots was important. If the Bunker Shell or Magma Blast only had 1 range they could fire at, say range 3, it would offset their ability to do so much in a single action.

For example: if it can only fire at exactly range 3…
You spend a move action to line up that perfect range 3 shot. Now you’re spending 2 actions to deal that outrageous damage/heat/energy, which is in line with what normally takes weapons to do.
Your enemy knows to stay out of this specific range, and if they set themselves up for a double hit, a 2 with a push into a 3 range Bunker Shell/Magma Blast, well it’s their own fault, they could have used a move action to prevent this from happening.
End result, move actions and positioning become more important and you can never combo 2 Bunker Shell/Magma Blast together in a single 2 action turn.

As for the new 3 use mythic flamethrowers, I don’t know but these things are just silly. Doing 300 energy damage in a single turn is just unbeatable. If they go first, and fire that, they’re gonna win. Even if you have all weapons with no energy dependence, you’re too far behind and are going to take too much extra damage from being energy drained to fight back.

I would reduce their energy/heat damage to half of what it is. 300 energy from a max mythic blue flamer reduced to 150, which is still higher than another other single weapon in the game. Although maybe not that Blue Valiant Sniper or whatever it is, but as mentioned by others, that also needs adjustment.

At least this way, you have to get hit by 2 of these flamers to suffer catastrophic 300 energy lost. And considering they have 3 uses over the old mythic 2 use flamers, I’m not even sure they should get a buff to compensate. Just straight nerf.

If a straight nerf is too unfair, give them more armor breaking power. Though I hesitate to say that without knowing exactly what the stats are of these flamers, they could already have crazy high armor breaking/energy total reduction/energy regen reduction built into them as well.