Items for the game

you should make it easier to get epics on other drop rates increased


No…my opinion is to stay at it’s on way.

He has a valid point. After the whole drop rate nerf scandal (yep def calling it that). Epics haven’t had much of a good drop rate outside of silvers (even in silvers it’s trash). Which is strange. But than again, we haven’t had rares dropping like they used to in a long time.


Oh to be fair that you want to kick smurfs butt let’s to be honest.

And here I thought it was just my tired brain messing with me.

What? Mate? Wot? I’m confused

Keep it like this,it s ok atm


Go to sleep.

Just kidding…

You probably want increasing just to kill smurfs.


I just want a fair game where everyone’s treated fairly and has the same opportunities as others to get items.

Plus these drop rates rates have gone so far down hill. I’ve long stopped stocking boxes and just myth/level whatever I need every few weeks. It’s boring and pushes me further from the game.

I also still don’t get what you mean by smurfs. Smh


Those players which have op stuff but don t know how to use it


Did you lost brain cells?
I hope you dont…

The smurfs…the ones who were rank 2 or 1…
And they wanted to go back to rank 3, 4 to troll…
These bstrds who haves all myth item killin you?

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Thank you…cause i am soo hungry right now.

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Drop rates are ok,number of epics from boxes is quite decent,maybe you are unlucky

Or maybe you want to get legendarys from silver boxes?

I honestly give up here, read back to older topics if you guys wish to understand why I say this.

far too tired to give a shit honestly

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Things are finally ok,at least now you can get legendarys from packs and boxes

Want gold old days back?
I miss those days too,when prem boxes and packs could drop just legendarys and mythicals
Where every player got a chance
When you killed a boss in compaign you got a box with legs or myths,now you get commons

That sm will never came back,deal with it

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Ok you lost brain cells have a nice day.

Probably dont playin sm anymore

Ok we are going too off topic now.

Soo il just stop.

Lmao no, I still play. But I don’t feel drops are the same for me as they are for others. Don’t think others would disagree (those that have the “bad” luck).

I merely am tired. So please, don’t insult me just because you don’t understand it’s different for me and you.


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I am not insulting you.
I am just insulting myself…

And i get it…you have reading these replays too long…rest is indeed healthy and needed.

Now please…we need to stfu before we destroy this topic.

This funnily enough isn’t off topic lmao

It’s fine meng, relax.


The drop rates are the same

Take claw as an example

Some players got 2 claws and a lot of legendarys and i got nothing after 100 runs
I m still waiting that claw item,and?that s it ,maybe i will never get one,and?it s just a game,
I understood that i can t change that even if i expose my feelings about this on forum

Maybe they will make a sale with a better drop rate for claw and we could get it from boxes