Items Balance Changes [Sept 26 2017] *****

Hi Pilots,

Based on the feedback we have received from the community we have deployed a few balancing changes.
The changes had been tested by us on an internal server for fine tuning and have been deployed to the game in the past hour.

Here is the list of changes we did:

  • We have reduced the gaps in some parameters between the different tiers. This is mainly effecting the gap between Legendary and Mythical, lower tiers were mostly unchanged by this.
  • We have tweaked weapons that were repeatedly reported as OP. This includes Death Punch (both Heat and Energy), Cold Fire (both Heat and Energy), Bunker Shell and Valiant Sniper
  • Mythical Hooks and Charges damage was nerfed.
  • We have implemented a more balanced version of @Vorkaal suggestion regarding 3 very similar weapons - Annihilation, Nightfall and Bloodweep. Now instead of being mostly the same weapon they are significantly different. (Awesome feedback @Vorkaal, keep it up!)
  • Energy damage was reduced in some cases.
  • Flamethrowers (both Heat and Energy) were nerfed.

We have tested and rebalanced items based on the feedback in this thread:

We will be monitoring the battles and balance closer than usual in the coming week to see how it works and if there are things that needs to be fine tuned.

Take some time to adjust to the changes, and as always, your (constructive) feedback is welcomed.


i agree it’s a rlly good balance (Thx Tacticsoft)!!!

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this update make all physical becomes weak mechs now.


energy mechs ae finnaly nerf

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I posted on another topic, but I’ll post it here again, since you asked for possible future suggestions:

Okay, a suggestion: An option to “Divide” maxed Mythical items, which will give back 90% of the fusion cost (both in gold and power, as power kits) we paid for it, and downgrade the item to a maxed Legendary. This will also give 4 legendary “transformation packs” (transforming requires 5 + 100k gold) which can be used in place of Legendary items for transforming items to Mythical.

There is no way to track Dev Announcements. Please make a devtracker or separate forum.

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hey i have a question, i have now hundreds of powerkits @Mohadib will they get erased?
or is it just an error counting them as item too?

Please create a place in the forum for updates and changes

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Do you mean changelog?

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What About Platinum Platings And Maximum Protector

My feedback is to state that I do not feel enough compensation (ZERO) to players who spent 100s or 1000s of dollars in the days, weeks, and years prior to when you clicked the delete button on what they purchased.

You can say the changes were needed, the balance was needed, whatever, but nothing prevented you from giving back a percentage of what players had spent prior to this supporting your game and paying your development costs/salaries/pockets. 25% perhaps back in tokens.

People purchased gold boxes, mythical boxes, SM Coins, PowerKits, etc. and there’s maybe a few utility items that are worth keeping.

The game is not any less P2W than it was, it is just Pay MORE to win due to the low chances. That said, make whatever changes you want to the game - but when you take everything away give something back. You took money for premium currency for items, and you turned around and, in effect, deleted what we purchased with our tokens. Anyone who completed the campaign/achievements etc. also lost out.

It leaves me with such a sour feeling, and makes so many people angry with the developers. There has been no compensation plan, no comments on a compensation plan, and no comments on even why no such plan has been given.

Give us our confidence to support you, and erase a lot of negativity with a big package for players who spent 10s of thousands if not several hundred thousand tokens in your game.

Power creep is VERY different from what you did. Please respond.

Constructive feedback: Compensate the players who gave you bucketloads of money prior to the patch to support your game who did not expect to have what they purchased deleted.


Not really…

IF THIS IS THE Fact why dont u inform players during the game while pausing the gameplay for this informations.So i spend money to tune up my mech and you simlpy stole 280 of my tuned up hps

Only becouse ither players are to foul to earn the gold while battleling missions and just wait a day until the prices getting lower again.Allthough the powerlevels of old myth items is much to low.

Until this update took place there was no significant ,u didnt solve that problem.The Only way is to end paying for thing, and just have o look how far u come. May be its time for this. TO ALL PLAYERS: Just stop buying Tokens. Maybe that the they would understand.

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Excuse my writing these are may big fingers grinnn

Now the legendary energy weapons need 30 energy? and 50 for mythical? I mean ok .

but thanks for really nerfing the hella op items. much love tyty

Sad thing:

The costs of fusion / transformation didnt got nerfed.

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And something else: As i Started to play that game there was something like willing to get better. That was the time before little lost ur lost clan. Or others.
That was a nice game wich made lost of fun.I understand that such games have to be updated to the profit of all players.But the most off us payed lost of Money to get fast further in this game. So my opinion is those:You give the money back and stop the chance to buy tokens or gold or boxes.So all of us are happy again. This is the fact Money makes every game bad.Or give the tokens back wich were used for this tunings bevor the last 2 updates

They would bankrupt because less ppls will pay for tokens

It would be amazing if Tacticsoft would release the numbers of what was changed. That way, those great people who have been contributing to updating the wiki with all the item stats don’t have to start over from scratch and their work be in vain.

I hate to be the negative one here, but while I appreciate that these item re-balances are quite beneficial and welcomed, Tacticsoft failed to consider the work that the above people mentioned and completely disrespected it by not releasing the numbers.

You cannot have a game without a community and you cannot have a community without respect.