Item trading sucks

Did you see the new feature T-Soft put in? I seriously don’t understand how a player can have a face-shocker, 4 bunker shells, and 2 valiant snipers. 400 heat? 500 energy? 2,000 HEALTH?!? What is this logic?!? This was a horrible decision. I’m not going to create new accounts and join the abusers to keep up in pvp. Rather than do that, I’m just going to quit, and I suggest y’all do the same.

That’s what I’m going to say if Tacticsoft allows item trading :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


how has item trading got to do with op mechs

Depends…why not a “Specific Item I Will Give You If You Give Me What I Want” trade ?

You choose the item you want to trade (only in the lowest quality avialable for this item) (so BS is Legendary-only trading, Epic-only for FS, etc.), then choose the item(s) you want in exchange in the equal or lower quality and depends other parameters…

And an increasing cost per trade nor a very limmited amout of trade every week (like one or two, should be adjusted…) aren’t abuse-nerfer ?

I thought there’s already a trading system and I was like “Yes, it does suc-- wait thERE’S A TRADING SYSTEM~?!”~ :laughing:

Until I clicked the blurred line at the end~


I like the transparent censor bar towards the bottom of the picture :slight_smile:

wait wait wait you can trade people how? when was this a thing !?

Don’t trade people, or I’ll have to report you to the police for human trafficking :police_car: :joy:

Yes, you trade items.

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How do you trade items in Supermechs?
Can you show me how to trade items?

i dont think that you can read the blured text.

aka you cant trade.

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