Now I am aware that this was a bad idea. But I have thought of a little nerf. So a lot of people hate this idea, by like, a LANDSLIDE. Now, I thought of doing this by making it so you can only do it ONCE. It can not be a mythical. It has to be common, rare, epic, or legend. If you go hate on this little nerf I have thought of, cut me some slack because I nearly smashed my head in the wall for this idea.


Even with this “nerf”, trading is a bad idea. And the nerf doesn’t really do much, either.


ok but might not still be installed


No difference.
I can make a new random account and use the starting tokens to buy a pack untill I get some awesome weapon, and then I can simply trade it to my main and never use it again


i guess so it will never be installed


Alright. Then how about this. You can only receive an item from someone else only 1 TIME.


Anything more than 2 then you are deleted xD


Anything related to trade is horrible.

F*ck off man


It ain’t hard to trade 6 legendaries to someone,so he upgrades 1 and makes a myth.
Also,it ain’t hard to repeat this process until he makes a fully myth mech…

Still a bad idea,and even if it’s to be further twitched,it would still be a bad idea.


Maybe instead of item trading between players something like a trade function could be implemented in the shop:
Like sacrificing two or maybe three items to get one random item of the same level.
For instance, I have 2 legendaries that are just myth food, so I scrap then and get a different legendary.
Would prevent abusing trading.


i didnt read it but im going to start to hate hehe:

Its a shit idea like your hair !



I mean only 1 item -_-


You can only receive 1 item from anyone, once you get it you can’t trade anymore.


It ain’t hard…
Plus what’s the point of trading if the limit is 1/person?


Well I guess you have a point xD But hey, its better than a rank 25 with 2400 hp and all max mythicals xD