Item Spotlight no. 2: Last Words

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Item Spotlight no. 2 is about Last Words

It may have a heavy weight, but its dmg, push, and regen dmg make it all worthwhile. This weapon is devastating in combos having to do with f2p drainers, and has a lot of potential. It can really work with any energy weapon. The few bad things are that it does not have as high regular dmg, or energy dmg, but for the reasons mention above. However, it has a lot not yet seen, and is seen a lot in the higher ranks.

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uhm isnt bunker shell better?

Bunker shell is 1 use only so last words works better vs psyh annihilation builds

Mkay…(20 words)

and also, these spotlights are meant to be on non-premium items, so I tend to… y’now stay away from prem items?

Soo that’s why you post this?Ok thank you for explaning me why do you do this.

@L4K3 ready for your magic to work its way

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Oh god i forgot that they will hate that you make another topic about one wepon

why??? @L4K3 said that he would help me…

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there we go fixed it

That weapon good argument vs little distance mech and good counter to many phys

Saved you @DarkWarrior. :slight_smile:

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Reminds me of an old movie/TV serie here in France…
"Mission Impossible"
Where the mission’s desciption auto-destruct after reading/listening/other ^^

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Last Words is the bunker shell of free to play.

2 last words + malice + hysteria = best f2p energy mech

Are you sure about that? can get The VS and the BS without being a p2w…Look at @WinzKay’s mech…he is a F2p

Still kinda dificult to get

Im saying that if you dont have premium items…

oh…that makes sense…

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