Item spotlight no. 1:Savagery

Number 1 on the list is Savagery:

  • This versatile weapon is the longer range alternative to the Corrupt Light, having higher minimum explosive damage limit but lower maximum exp. damage.

  • With the same max heat drain as the Corrupt Light, this weapon is great for Raids.

  • It is a non-premium, top weapon.

  • Aesthetic as a long and solid ray gun/cannon.

  • Works very well as a combo with a medium range side weapon (even better if it’s a pusher) and Nemo (due to its heat cap damage).

  • Stats:
    Weight: 55 kg
    Range: 4-8
    Explosive Damage: 150-228
    Heat Damage: 93
    Cap Damage Value: -24
    Cost: 16 energy / 47 heat


Hope you don’t make a new topic for every single weapon…

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a few good things?..

Hate to break it to you. Butttttt



(Also thanks to Ricemech for the pics and thread)

But Savagery is nearly identical to corrupt light. Just with 4-8 Range and Less damage.

It’s the same shit basically.


Crismon Rapture:


Sorry to crush the mood,but what is the point of this topic?

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Personal Topic Quota.


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whateva. Just add the fixes. Its a wiki

Edited the original post.

But the problem is…
corrupt light is beautiful than savagery…

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Well done, great observations too about not being used in top ranks. That is the sort of good tip that helps newcomers when considering builds.

Keep going. Maybe rather create a new Wiki and link new entries?

doesn’t this kinda break the point of a spotlight?

Well, my point is that there would be an easy reference source for everything…eventually, rather than sifting through the forums and posts.

In this manner these posts will be all over the place. Whereas, this is helpful info that should be categorized and easily referenced.

…that’s if you have the time and interest. But anyway, …whatever.

I would love it if @Elcent would pin this, so everyone could try out…

Can you give me the honor of doing the Spotlight for FaceShocker?

I will send you the content, but no edits please. You can credit me at the bottom of the post.

kk I can do that just make sure to send it over the weekend as a PM to me

@DarkWarrior I’m up if you need help with it.

thanks @L4K3 for everything. I would like to have you help me with it. Why don’t you PM me your idea.

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I can just edit/help/make the text for whatever item you’d want to showcase next.
I don’t really pm;I’d write directly on the wiki and/or edit it if you need it.