Item sales and buying tokens with coins


I think that there should be a place where you can buy items that you want with your tokens, or at least something harder to get than coins. The item’s cost will depend on what rarity it is and what it is. So, for example some one can buy a hammer for, say I don’t know around 80 tokens depending on its rarity. So if you do happen to make this feature I will be so very happy. And maybe, just maybe you guys might be able to make it so we can buy tokens with your coins.


There was at one time a SHOP where you can buy a specific item. They got rid of it.


do you know why they got rid of it


Commons and rares for coins, epics for tokens and leggies only in boxes same with myths


I really don’t know. There so many changes that they don’t inform us players.


I really miss the old Shop from the Legacy times…


Keep in mind that the mechs in the shop are worthless pieces of shit that cost between 2000 tokens.


100k coins for 2 tokens lmao :wink: weko!


“Too complicated” for new players or something dumb like that.


that’s not a very good reason :thinking:


Exactly. I’m still angry that there’s no shop.


i really do wish that they are going to bring the shop back. And make things cheaper 'cause I aint buying a hammer for 10K coins!!!


10k coins is nothing… what rank are you?


honestly an epic, for only 10k coins, that is a great deal, id take that any day


actually i just started and am rank 36 and 10K was a mistake i meant more like 1M


Purchasing items up to rarity “epic” with coins and the good epic items with tokens would be good.
But any legendary item must be created by oneself using the epic ones as starting point.

Also premium items (only rarity available legendary to myth) are not to be purchasable in any way other than premium boxes and premium packs or obtainable from fortune boxes or other special rewards like PvP season reward.
That is the meaning behind them being premium after all.
Premium = Not for everyone. Only for those that grind for special boxes (like fortune box) and get the items from those rewards with luck and for people who have lots of luck or money regarding premium boxes / packs.

As for buying tokens with “coins”:
The purpose of premium currency is that you can only earn it in limited amounts within the game or PAY for it with real money. Hence it is PREMIUM and not free.

Making tokens purchasable with the free currency “coins” = gold would destroy the meaning in it being premium currency.


Learn to take criticism. You didn’t know people were allowed to have an opinion on your idea?


no i did not i am so sad


You do realize that since you are new here, I seriously doubt that anyone cares that you’re leaving or that you’ll tell “other people” about “this”, right?


well anyway thanks for thinking that purchasing up to epics with coins or tokens is a good idea and i hope you do make the change. i am looking forward! thanks!