Item portal results. F this....I quit


10 refills
44 boxes…only 1 fortune box (that we all got trash from)
Legendaries = 0
Epics = who cares
Rares = Too effing many

Congratulations Tacti-life-suck…you killed the game! At least for me cause I’m done.

To the programmers look up the word “balance” in a effing dictionary because you havn’t a damn clue what it means.

Nerf Nerf Nerf Nerf Nerf Nerf Nerf Nerf…

Kongregate continuously had 90-100+ players online at any given time…now you’re lucky to see 50 and I’m pretty sure this % cut happened on the SM main site as well.

Congrats and RIP


Nope, you are wrong, got 2 Fortune boxes and got the FlameWave from one, also @WinzKay got the FlameWave from a Fortune box as well as a FlameWave from a regular box…


I was referring to the 1st one we all got for beating regular…and I guarantee you didn’t get it from that


yeah…you are right…

I side with you…when Tacticsoft see us getting good drops they say they ‘balance’ which they mean ‘Balance = Nerf’…


I think I joined a few weeks before the fabled Unicorn portal…I was much too weak to reap the rewards but I know it was the best Item portal there has been since I started. It started going downhill from there. This game is now trash. And there isn’t a TS dev that can argue against it


@SeanChoi1870 sorry man, but from the good drops you and winz got, me and disturbed got nothing good, and some portals i didn’t even got any boxes…


7 Refills, 0 legends. I’m inclined to leave it here since I’m at a nice round number of tokens left (1400).


you have that many tokens left?? rich rich cabbage


I never spend below 1000.


I used to never spend below 1 million gold but now I am 100% broke…


Never refill. That is wasted tokens.


24 hours of not playing…I don’t miss it.