Item Portal is Awesome!

This item portal is awesome! If only they took away 2v2…

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Srsly though… two GrimReapers?

Yeah maybe for some players this mission 6 portal may be awsomw,but for most of us this damn portal it s just a waste of time and energy

Why? Because it isn’t good enough or is too hard?

The portal drops are coded to go horrible down after first legendary.
Boycott all spending and arena battles.
Spread the word in chat and in clans.
Go into the arena to spread the message, then quit the match.
We are not only boycotting the update but also the hackers, the ignorance of the devs, and all of the money stealing they have done.
Join us

you are not an orange, oranges kill all the other

Look let me explain
In general this portal would be quite ok,but they put it now,just like a joke,like:look guys we know that you need op stuf for keeping you rank and building a second op mech,but yeah you know what we don t care,we give you some epics to stfu
This portal was made like a compensation but ghess what ?it doesn t help at all,this is a mission 6 portal
Think about that,not all player get legendarys,a lot of player use tokens to refill without getting anithing good
Think about tuff players from rank 3 2 1,they need to keep their rank,some of them are in clans

Lucky you…my mech is a low crap that cant win hard mode…I hope you enjoy it as well.

Even before the 1st legendary…
For me, it’s pretty much the first boxes for the difficulties that are good…

Maybe for low ranks …