Item Limits - WTH?

My 120 items limit INCLUDES the items on my mechs?

Fully build out 6 mechs to trade around and you can’t even open Boxes!

This is a punitive limit - why is this the limit?

I’m down from over 2000 items to around 200 items. I’ve had all my progress and expenditures over the past year destroyed (Devs? NO COMPENSATION, NO COMMENT)

And I find now that my mechs count against my inventory limit!

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The base inventory limit needs to be raised to a more reasonable amount, say 300 without any extra slots gained by levels/tokens.


More like 500 if you cut extra slots.

This will be probably biggest hit on playerbase, especially casual players - SIMPLY, there is no worse thing psychologically in life - that you had something and you were deprived of it - no way they will spend money for something that stupid, and no way they will grind gold to release slots.
Just check how annoying it is - had 8000+ items to fuse, even now 1500+ and without options. Whole idea is ultimate garbage - but just 100+ slots initially…biggest of them all!!! - and of top of it - slot price gradually increse by 5 !!! tokens
Give us at least 250-300 slots /OR remove equipped items from item limit counting/ AND remove powerkits from item limit, slot price increase by 2T for instance… – this is so UNFAIR atm

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I posted here: my simple math for having 6 fully equipped mechs.

Having 6 mechs will probably involve having at least 108 in inventory already.

The limit is too low.

Edit your numbers a little bit beings a fully equipped bot using all openings is 22 items PER BOT
66 items for 3 bots
132 items for 6 bots

You have some good ideas on your other post although disappointingly I doubt TS will do a dam thing about it.

Hell even if they left the cost of 25 tokens per 5 slots would be slightly tolerable IF it didn’t increase after each purchase, but less than 25 would be nice.

Thats the worst thing I ever met in a game !

Why you - tacticsoft not ask direct for our bank account to transfer direct our money to you, instead of CRUSHING a great game into unplayable, to force players, also the once who already spent thousands of $$$, to pay again !

Nice try tacticsoft, nice try.

NEVER again 1 cent from us (my sponsor, my friends and me), only if you change things a LOT !

You spit on your PLAYERBASE, special to YOUR veteran players, WHO fund this game 50% !!!


Hey, my numbers were intentionally low, considering the weight limit and how most mechs only use 2-3 weapons. However, conservative as it is, it still points out that the inventory limit is too low.


If mechs equip more, then yeah, I agree… 22 items per mech x 6 = 132 items already. Which leaves you with only little room to save up for fusion materials to build up legendaries to fuse for mythicals.

I also have a lot of power kits due to an incident with the mythical button of the legacy converter. :sweat: so… I personally do not want to use them unless it is for maxing my mythical weapons.

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LOL yea the Mythical Massacre
Suggestion stay FAR FAR away from that dam converter, you loose big all away around with that thing.
Boost points are much less when converted, the money you have to waste to create the power kits, also the money wasted to use them on an item, plus the fact you still use almost as many inventory slots after conversion etc. etc.

That converter was yet another big mistake TS made.
Maybe they are Democrats? Beings they like to waste a lot of other peoples money :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: