Item limit I am frozen in time


Anyway, I remain firm in my way of thinking, that legacy (and the kits in which they were later transformed) should never have been trapped by the inventory limit.


It is good that you copy ideas but at least give me the credit for them, ahahaha I have already said it to the exhaustion

1.- eliminate the gold to be able to merge.
2.- back to the previous method of fusion that makes the game more dynamic in the case of changes in the types of mechs
3.- The items that are generated from the conversion of legacy items are not counted within the inventory limit.


I think it does not matter whose ideas they are. Excuse me for not reading all your posts, maybe that’s why I missed it. But it’s the first time I’ve read that you plan to leave the legacy out of inventory.

In any case, if the same idea had already occurred to you, then it is not so crazy. And to my understanding it´s the most direct way.


Another problem I have observed with the implementation of the item limit is that the countdown was not implemented on a per-account situation.

Instead, it was implemented system-wide.

So… if you have not accessed your account for a while, and have just joined the game up to this point, then you will get stuck. I am not sure if you will be receiving any initial items if at the very start you already are beyond the limit.

When the new version was implemented we were given how many days? 24 days? But… if you logged in late in the implementation, you would have had less.

What if you logged in today, and you have thousands in your inventory… how will you advance?

That is why I think the countdown to clear inventory should have been on a per-account basis. The countdown should start when you have logged in the new system. (Well, I don’t know the what the situation is now… so I could be wrong.)


Yeah I agree but I think that would have been a programming nightmare from r tacticsoft .


Peoples, we can buy him additional slots XD (i now needs a lot of…)


that’s part of playin the game… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
i’m not giving you grief but, you’ll figure it out