Item limit I am frozen in time


I think involving the legacy in the inventory limit has been a big mistake.

Now some players are blocked, just those who have been and are the best potentials buyers too, because if you accumulate so much is because invested.

It affects us all, because it´s one of the causes why people don´t play and it takes time a lot to get battles.

Those are the consequences of poor planning on the part of the developer or developers who designed this without any planning of what without thinking what would happen in the future.

But they have time to fix it, even if they cannot go back to the past and compensate everyone.


I have 2 suggestions to solve the issue with the max limit:

  1. Simply enable players to sell items for coins with a simple system like each rarity gets a certain exchange rate for level 1 and max level of that rarity.
    Each level between lv. 1 and max level would then simply have a linear increase between those two boundaries of the item’s rarity exchange rates.

  2. Create an exchange option to exchange items to “silver box vouchers” and “premium box vouchers”.
    The exchange rates should be:
    a.) 4 common items / 2 common items + 1 rare item / 2 rare items / 1 epic item = 1 silver box voucher
    b.) 1 legendary item = 1 premium box voucher and 1 mythical item = 3 premium box vouchers

Each voucher could then be used to get one of the corresponding boxes from the shop whenever the player wants to.

Naturally the player would make loss using that voucher system but could free his inventory from useless items.
And along that they would have the chance to get some useful items using the vouchers later.

Btw. I think the second suggestion of implementing a voucher system would be better.


We had that all in an other thread (item limit - temp solutions), but the OP is talking about a different issue which is connected also with the item limit …

He is OUT of ITEMS, and because the item limit blocks the opening from boxes, he will also get NO new items.
(he hit the item limit easy with the Power Units alone)



BOOM! Best gets it ! 100 percent correct . I AM FROZEN HERE AND THERE IS NO WAY OUT! Thank you best for understanding this and I hope there is a solution.


That is why I suggested to introduce a way to get rid off of unneccessary items.
If players could sell them or turn them into box vouchers they could free up space in their inventory.

That would solve the problem of being stuck, too, would it not?

Then the only part left would be how much space should be available at least for max level.
In that case 3 mechs of each type with 22 items per mech would give 198 slots neccessary.
People would also need to be able to change their mechs’ equipment if they change a mech’s strategy.
So let us say another 100 slots for other items and round it up.

Means a player at max level should have at least 300 slots in inventory and the option to sell or exchange unneeded items to play comfortable.


Listen homeboy, you ain’t se77en!
The Se77en i know wouldn’t cry here to get freebies, toghether with others.
He would have bunkered down and grind like a monkey, to get stuff he needed.
He would have sat down and found a solution befor he would have ended in your shoes.
And sure as hell he didn’t have 10k legacy items just rotting around in his inventory.
You and Betsy here represent less then 1% of the player base in this situation.
I was 4.8k items when this version started, more then 1.5k mythicals, more then 9 fully fused mech builds, and more then 20 myth fully fused wepons, standing by in case i wanted to change the builds.
More then 4k dollars spent in this game, and i have all the recipts to prove that.
This leverage of trying to obtain something isnt fair towards the others that made the cut.
I made the cut, an alot of others made the cut, we had 2.5 months to mke the cut. I did it in 20 days, of hard grinding, of sonic, of actualy spending money 150 dollars.
There was no legacy converter, there was no other way when i did it, it took dedication and time and money.
I grinded for epics, that i would transform to legendaries, that i would make mythicals, i did that for 3 weeks, evryday.And guess what i made it, in 3 weeks.
Like Missfit told me when i complained about this…"put your azz to work, get off your high throne and grind MF grind… and you will see"
I did that, i wasted all those items cause i wanted to make it, i lost millions of millions of fussion points, all the progress was gone, new clean fresh start…and guess waht he was right, i made it.
After 3 months, people still complain about this, really?
Betsy was at less then 2k items 2 months ago, befor the first deadline finished, and guess what… no progress still…why?
Simple because it is like this, you want an advantage over others that took the fall…that ain’t fair.
You either rally people to a common cause, from wich they all benefit, even those that took the fall, and prepare yourself to make the same sacrifice that those that follow you do, or you back down and follow.
Evrybody lost things, YEAH we did, but some of us sacrificed more then you.
You want a freebie, and advantage over others? why? what makes you so special over the guys that grinded their azz off?Why cause you paid? well guess what so did they, be it with real money, or with hours of grind.
So there is a way out … but you didn’t take it.
I give you a nice sugestion, to get out of your situation… ask nicely for another 3-5 days of grace, get to work in those days, and get yourself out of the pot.
This isn’t the way a man handles things, crying and leveraging things towards his advantage, after other took the fall.
You are not Se77en, Se77en i know would take the bull by the horns, and get things done… if he wanted to.



  • is ranting against other players with an serious in-game problem

  • still hasn’t got what the problem from se77en is

  • said once accussing other players in public forum isn’t ok

  • accuse others of not being themself

Hopefully he will convalesce soon :exclamation:


No, would it not, because he has NO “unneccessary items” :grey_exclamation:

If you are not self in this sitution (I was very very very close in same situation as se77en, but found a way, not to hit same stillsand as he has now), it seems hard to understand, like you can see with ElNanoMetre, he didnt get it in any way !

But its just a “stuck”-situation …

  • item limit hit by Power Units

  • no items left to convert

  • no items left to use the Power Units for

… and here the most important point …

  • because of the item limit, NOT able to open any boxes for NEW items, which he COULD use



wow is this shit still not fixed? lmao i remember when it was about how to make the “credits” to fuse the power units…i see now it’s changed “i fused all my items…i still don’t have enough space tho…can’t even buy items now, what should i do?” man this game’s getting worse and worse.

to be fair, i thought this was just about the money gain…but now that even the guy who paid STILL can’t open up enough space, they STILL won’t cooperate with the players…S M F H


Best thanks for understanding my problem. I think even 450-400 would be ok if kits and equipped items did not count against our limit.

El Meatball… Cool story bro. You are an expert on my account now? I lost my account for a month. I lost an entire 30 days of grinding and fusion. I had asked for a little extra time and was not granted it. Like I said I am moving forward positively in the game. Your response is silly. You don’t know me. The way you carry yourself in here reflects poorly on the clan MANY OTHERS BUILT BEFORE YOU GOT THERE including myself. Have a little respect for the clan and yourself. Your behavior could be off putting to prospective members.


@bestplayerintheworld Wieso besuchst du nicht mal TacticSoft und sagst ihnen das einmal ?
Ich finde die Idee sehr gut.


feelinfg like insulting? that much frustrated you feel?
Funny, i sugested you ask for an extension of the grace period for yourself, because of the ill experience that you wen thru with the account stolen and things. I think that if you would have done that, in a nice manner, it would have been granted to you.
Now let’s get one thing straight, right now, you are trying to obtain an advantage over the others that took the fall and sacrificed their items and powerkits, because you think you are entitled to, me saying my opinion on this matter, and saying how things look from the other point of view, the ones that went thru sacrificeing power kits and items so that they fit the item restriction. But you don’t seam to care about others, this is about you. You have the solution to it, ask for a grace period, 5 days, but only in your case, since you were robbed of that grind time.
Now regarding the way i carry myself, it is the way a honest, and hard working, guy that wants things to be fair for evrybody, not just the few,does.
The clan i am in, chose me a long time ago, because i was a good player, honest, and hard working, and yeah i represent those traits that are in this clan. Yeah you helped build it, but i have to remind you that you were the one that abondened it, takeing away 6 members from it, and leaving it for dead, remember? And yeah if we go down the memory lane, 2 months ago, you wanted back, you wanted to be the leader, to help out when we were strugleing…remember what you did? You came, kicked out those that you had beef with, and then abandoned it again. And when your account got stolen, who were suporting you? who where the people that wrote many emails to Sarah, and the devs to suport you getting the account back,and told you not to worry we will get it back? wonder where your account was ,in what clan when it was stolen?Who took a fall by actualy trusting you and lending you hers account, only to be stolen also? Yeah… those things are behind you… Quick to forget the help, and jump to insults.
Yeah i carry myself just fine, with honor, and truthfull in what i say and do, helping out when i can, and suporting those that need, and speacking my mind, against abusers, and manipulators, and bullies, yeah I am that kind of guy, and i am proud of it.And prospective members, if they are of the same things i am, will see that, and want to join because of that.
One more thing, brother, i don’t lick where i spit! That is so you know whom you are rubbing elbows latetly :wink:


But if there was an option to sell or exchange items you could sell / exchange the power units and gain space in the inventory, could you not?

Or are there really so many useful items that it is impossible to choose among them till you have less than the inventory limit?

I only started the game less than 2 months ago so I am not very knowledgeable about how many “good” items exist.
Maybe that is why I think being able to sell / exchange items would help if the inventory limit would be 300 at max level without expansion via tokens.


I didn’t even read all that . If you wonder why I left the clan look no further than your response. My original post was asking others if they had the similar problem. At no point did I ask for anything in the thread. You argue to argue. Create boogiemen where there aren’t any. I didn’t insult either just said your behavior in here is embarrassing. Regardless I just think you jumped into a post with nothing to offer but negativity. However you present yourself above was undone by all your needless ranting. I left littlelost because the family environment had eroded. During our gold fever we were taking players who won but may not have been winners in character or personality. That’s about when you entered. You can quit wondering why I didn’t come back to help. Your posts above are one of the reasons. I guess Cheers means we can say whatever we feel like…



You are 100% right :grey_exclamation:

He is nothing else then a braggart not able to admit mistakes from himself and he is so full of so many mistakes. Thats why he need all this nonsense to cover it !

He try all the time to talk others bad, to try to be self the “Hero” :exclamation:

But his biggest problem is he thinks others are so dumb that they dont get it :exclamation:

But he is so wrong about that, because ALL can see what he do all the time here in the forum :exclamation:

First it was @ToxicDoll :exclamation:
Then it was me :grey_exclamation:
Now it is you @Joeyjojojunior :exclamation:

And the best thing is he do it even with LIES :grey_exclamation:

“Let me say you” “in our country” “I m so good one” “I help ALL people in this forum”
“I am always nice” “I do so many good things” “I am a God”


I really cannot read it anymore !

The truth (he even lie to himself) is a totally other thing, as now so many saw / see and get it about him :exclamation:

My solution about him - this lost soul - let him talk his nonsense, and if needed, as in this case …

  • you have a serious issue about the game, which is NEVER your fault

  • it’s the fault from the game designers if a game can hit a dead point
    (NO progress possible , doesnt matter what you would try)

(I am pretty sure he still didnt get it in what situation you are)

… I will tell all the facts about, and let him write his nonsense :exclamation:



Looks like things are out of hands now so let me get this straight: when you joined us we let you join because you were a very active player and not the other things… maybe you are a good player but we havent chose you because you were a honest or good player but because you played three times more than an avarage llyl player and because littlelost had the same flag as you so he decided that he wants you in.

So this shit between you and se77en should just stop right here or you should discuss this in private.

And about that you made the item limit in time and now if the others could do the same that would be a really big disadvantage to you… have you seen me crying about the 9 million sm I spent when the boxes costed 189 000 sm for a day and the next day it costed only 12 000? nope because thats my luck… I dont really care i just wanted to make an advantage by dealing with a situation faster than the others but it just went wrong… it was all my fault. It was the same when they introduced the fusion… i fused all my stuff away because i thought i can make my items stronger and i can get my items back in the next weeks… but the next day the devs deleted the low level items so i wasnt able to buy low level items anymor… thats my luck again.
So believe me… tacticsoft “fucked me over” 10 times more with the constant changes than it fucked you over in the last couple times.
Now its really the same with you… you were just trying to adjust faster than the others and now you just fucked.



I burned through all my legacy items to get to the point to have open slots but I have no issue with people being able to either fuse kits for free or have legacy items and kits take no space etc. 500 slots is a good idea too. I just want what is good for the community. I do not need this solution but I know a lot of players do.
Like I said in the above topic

But unfortunately as in this thread and the one I posted about kits people complained that they alredy got rid of their legacy items etc. so others should not get a helping hand, I disagree with that attitude it is not good for the game or the community.
And Like I said in my topic above I get no benefit from it, I burned my legacy items long ago… I want people to catch up to me so the game is funner and more challenging… As it is now a lot of the best players are stuck in a limbo…


I have no beef . I said what I needed to say . I am still stuck without a way to advance unless I buy my way out of limit… So I remain stuck .


Somehow, I really don’t know why, I like this part most of all :exclamation:



Thank you very much @MrOneTwo to clear this :exclamation:
Always nice to read from you :grey_exclamation:


@Sarah247 and @Mohadib what can be a solution for @Joeyjojojunior situation :question:

I know this situation very well, because I was also so so so close to hit this dead point of the game :grey_exclamation:

And to let him pay 5000 tokens to get a much higher item limit, cannot be a real solution, or do you think so :question:



What I did, I did from heart, didn´t expect great thanks. But I never received even a word of solidarity from Se77en. He was always more worried about the supposed theft of his account, than about the problems we had that we tried to help him with. So for me, just one button is enough. He´s a person who only thinks about his own benefit.

But it’s fair to say, I never believed the version of Se77en that the forum account, the messenger account and the email acc had been hacked.

I recently apologized for my attitude, to avoid a confrontation and a return to a situation that I don´t want to relive, because it is painful for me. By “general health”.