Item limit I am frozen in time


I have completely stopped progressing. I am 200 plus items over the limit and have transformed all the items I have to the point of upgrading them to the next level. I do not posses enough items to transform them to the next level nor am I able to attain any new items to do so. I have 133 unopened boxes and close to 2 million gold. I am stuck in SM purgatory. I cannot advance any further in my reloaded adaptation. Are any other players stuck in the same situation I find myself in?


Forge new epics from rares and legends from those epics , that’s what I do


But that would be just waste of resources if he doesnt want those items.


And use the legends to transform usefully stuff to myths


Did you read my post ? I cannot transform anything any further. I have two rares fully fused and that is not enough to transform to an epic as I need a third fully fused rare. Same with charge which is fully fused legendary. I do not possess nor can I attain any more legendaries as I cannot open any new boxes. Take the time to read the post please.


I am in exactly the same situation :exclamation:

Here the “soluttion” 10 days ago from tacticsoft …

My try to shorten their long discussions with BEST possible 2 (!) long-term solution suggestions :
(with now actuell images and numbers)

A very interessting “Last Note” …

My answer to this strange “Last Note” …

Let’s hope their next long discussion about isn’t that long :exclamation:



Hmm why you took all those items to max lvl without transforming? Why not make myths out of them and then max them? Or you are saying that you have 200 maxed mythicals?
The general rule is : make as much myths as you can, then upgrade them.
That means transform epics to legendary( 4 epics burned). Then make legendaries to myth. Then upgrade myth to max.
You will lose some fussion points(20%-30% out of total fussion that is in your inventory atm) but you will escape this.
That is what i did, and i was in 300 overlimit(befor @Sarah247 gave us the 100 free inv spaces).
You lose some, but this is life, need a bit of sacrifice.


I have five items in my inventory that all need to be transformed to the next level. One legendary, two epic and two rare. There is not enough items to transform any of them. Understand now? I don’t have three rares to fuse my rare to epic. Do not posses 4 epics to transform to legendary. Get it? I am stuck. If I get a clan rewards I can fuse it up to the highest level epic but it will remain frozen as I do not have the required epics to transform it to a legendary. Do you understand the dilemma now? Best seems to be in same spot. I am literally frozen in progression.


I am not that far like se77en …

se77en stand right before the wall, trying to go through with the head (which is not possible)

… but I can see the wall coming closer and closer and I knew that will happen sooner or later, special if you have only epics left (very good ones), which you need for mech-builds, thats why my 2 (!) suggestion to solve this, and yes of course someone tried to talk 1 suggestion bad.

But se77en see now exctly from where it comes and would be happy with one of both suggestions !



Metre you understand now? I brought everything up as far as it goes but cannot move on. Best solution of 500 item limit is actually pretty smart. Limited inventory but enough freedom to build different mechs and or stock up for fusion. That seems fair to both player and administration. @Sarah247 please take Bests post for a solution under advisement. It seems a fair compromise.


Oki give a solution for the guys that sacrificed fussion and items to meet the item limit also.
Give solution for those that burned their items, befor the first lockdown was suppose to happen.
How about those guys?


Leave the legacy items or their corresponding kits outside the inventory limit!

It never made sense to include everything, please!


He did the same.

BUT he is OUT of ITEMS, and because the item limit blocks the opening from boxes, he will also get NO new items.

Not that hard to understand and has nothing to do with your fear maybe having a disadvantage !



If they burned their items they burned it… nobody got any compensation for making old items useless and all the past work. Why would it change now.
You ask solution about things that happenned in the past but se77en asks solution about a current situation which effects their current and future competitiveness.
About legacy and kit shouldnt count: would be nice and I’d love that but there is a point of this inventory limit. All the items the players are carrying in the server just slows it down. A better solution would be the delete of the fusion cost… you could just fuse away the kits and the legacy items are useless anyway… why would you wanna save them? Maybe 10-20 is good now and if you are planning to use them then it should count as a normal item.


We all sacrificed fusion to get to where we are at . I can imagine players like yourself, Wepwawet, and Best had inventories that were substantial . Mine was close to ten thousand items. To play enough to gain the gold just to fuse the items was a grind and a half. With the addition of adding new items on top of trying to play enough to pay for the fusion costs , transformation costs, the necessity to upgrade existing items to use force for transformation fuel , it is a wonder ANYONE got under the limit. These are problems of the past however. This post was an inquiry of players facing the problem I am experiencing. Best chose to offer a solution as MANY MANY players have. Wep did as well. We cannot undo the issues of the past but hopefully we can remedy the current problems we face so the players behind us do not hit the same walls we did. Trust me EVERYONE lost something with the new update. Do you think I do not feel the pain of players like myself who went to sleep a top player and awoke a nobody? Do you think I cannot sympathize with having ten thousand items that were worth something reduced to fuel for the new fire? Do you think I cannot commiserate with fellow players who were required to rebuild their accounts after YEARS of effort? I feel every bit of hurt, anger, betrayal, confusion, and bewilderment as EVERY PLAYER who has gone thru this. I gained acceptance of the game the way it is. Moving forward I am concerned with what is and not what was. What SM was is never coming back. I am moving on in a positive manner. WE ALL LOST. Together we may be able to gain something but not with negativity and division. If we are not one we are nothing as a player base. We don’t have to agree on everything just the important things.


I said in many other posts, this can happen to players


Man… I am sorry for your difficulties… :frowning:

There are a lot of solution that we could have done to fix veteran player’s issues with the item limit.

I agree with @Wepwawet 's idea that the item limit should not have been retroactive. Rather, it should not have included legacy items in the limit count. We do realize that they are already useless and will eventually fuse them away to power up the new inventory…

We have also suggested that power kits not be counted as inventory. Counting them as inventory made the Legacy converter useless, or even contributory to the problem.

How is your Legacy Item situation? Are they most of your inventory now?


Solve the item limit = decreased boxes LOL


A few good ones were spared. The rest were converted. I have all power kits counting against my inventory plus whatever is on my three mechs.


I see a need for the item limit. Now that there are many players with out having the ability to advance as a result of it they ought to find some compromise equitable to all involved. I can’t even finish the daily missions. I am really just kind of stuck with what I have.