Item Incinerator

I think there should be a item discarder that you can put unwanted items in, if your inventory is full. When items are incarcerated, you get funds based on the rarity and power of the item.

I also think there should be a way to upgrade your inventory amount.
I’m stuck with 459 items before the update and now can only hold 100 :tired_face:


There technically is a way… with tokens. I believe if you level up, it gives you more slots too, since I have 125.

Also, a better option is to just remove fusion costs.



i’m lv 36 and i have around 120 inventory slots. i’m 1000 items above my item limit.
let’s calculate: 1item = 500-15000 gold
that means i need 500’000-15’000’000 gold to get rid of all my old items ._.
does someone knows how to get fast gold (except grinding in the campaign or fighting against players) ?

Well you basically summed it up, either you fight players or grind campaign. If you don’t want to do that then you will have to pay money to get more gold.

You said you didn’t want to grind campaign but I would strongly recommend it, I beat most of the hard and insane missions and raked up 1000 tokens. Enough to buy the highest pack they have at 1,550,000 gold. It helps.

even those campaign missions are getting tougher

removing fusion costs will be very much usefull

and i hve 359 items :tired_face:

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