ITEM CONVERTER(the latest in junk removal)


@Mohadib, @Sarah247
I have a slight proposition for the devs.
Instead of hoarding our items into power kits.
Why not make a nice Item Converter “El Converter”.
A nice tool that makes player happy.
You take your legacy items and insert them there, and they get converted to nice things like gold, or tokens.
The rate should be lower then what was payed the first time, since the items are second-hand, slightly used, some in mint condition. But to start of here are some rates that i find appealing to the public.
100 Legacy legendaries = 100,000 gold coins.
100 Legacy epics = 25,000 gold coins.
100 Legacy mythicals = 1000 tokens.
10 Legacy fully fused mythicals = 4400 tokens.
We accept all kind of Legacy items, from drones, to feet, to Mayhams(useless), and offer good fair deals on batches and even throw in a nice frog, to sweeten the deal… or a wabbit.
What you guys say?


What would you do with the leftover legacy common and rare items?


You can forget about the other things, just give me this and you got yourself a deal!


sounds good but how about rares or commons? -.-


i mentioned the idea of giving power kits for legacy items in one of my posts. there, i also assumed that the devs are never going to give away tokens or gold boxes for exchange. thats why i asked for power kits. seems that the devs are trying out our patience


I think you can actualy let go of those without compesation…


Honestly I think the rewards should be buffed, especially the gold coins… (*cough* Hilarious fusion costs *cough*)


As you know we’re a small team and can’t commit most of our development efforts for a complicated feature that is only usable for a small percentage of our players (as I mentioned elsewhere, we have less than 2000 players with 1K+ items). I’m sure you can agree we have other things to add or fix in the game.

We are putting an effort to develop the system that allows conversion to powerkits based on tiers, which is less complicated and still allows you to have control over your items.

The system we chose to go for can actually gives you the same freedom you suggested to keep items you want, in exchange for more manual work on your part. For example, if there is a Legendary item you want, just don’t convert the legendary items and manually use all but the items you want to keep as boosting material.


Really? only 2000 player with over 1000 items?
Whoa i didnt know that these 2k player, most of them actualy payed for the stuff they have… with cash, or with exhausting grinding work, are the small percentage of the people that suport and keep the game financed.
Thank you for clearing that out, now i know my place, and the worth of my money.
You know what would be nice… a poll about it… about if we actualy want the item converter or if we want powerkits.i dont know how to make polls…maybe @Fluxeon, @TinCan, @RALFMAN, @Wepwawet, @bestplayerintheworld @Se77en maybe u guys can help me out ?
You know another nice improvement? actualy listening to us, the small percentage of 2000 players.


^^ I add a “,” just for fun @Mohadib :wink:

@Fluxeon you see, they take Happy’s suggest !

They will add a Trash can soon !

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


I have re-edited my post to highlight my original point.

We are making a development effort on a system that allows players to convert the items to power kits. This is a system that takes up a reasonable effort on our side and still provides players the same amount of freedom, even if it means a some more manual work.

How can I remove ...?

when is it going to be added?


Very soon !



Perhaps during the week.


Omg you didn’t said that


I say it´s fine, and if they are working on it, better.

But I have already fused 2/3 of my mythical and with expensive cost.

So they should find a way to compensate us who have used our mythical in good faith. We also lost them and at a high cost.


already fused all my items by day 4


will this feature requirecoins to tranforsm legacy stuff to kits? cause it will make it more expensive for us to upgrade