It won't come my trust

I keep waiting for trust level 3.
It won’t come back.

I guess level 3 hates me now lol


Too many flags i think

Let me count my flags.

I got 40.


No need to worry.

Go through all your flags, correct those you can. And something El told me. Flags typically take 100 days to disappear. So after that you’ll be able to hope for tier 3 or whatever system thingy is.

100 days?
That’s fricken long when you count.

I probably won’t survive this

Lol i got a new flag.

Life is bs


Oh. . . And I thought getting to level 3 in ~50 days was a long time for me. . .

Patience and discipline. . . Patience and discipline

Well, good luck on your quest for level 3.

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Good luck?

10 years later i’m gonna die.
I don’t see luck anywhere.

You plan death so soon? wowie


just try not to get flagged
it’s easy!

I have 5 flags already,I must not have another post flagged or I’ll lose my regular trust level :confused:

I only have 4 flags :rofl:

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luckily my flagged posts aren’t that flagworthy :slightly_smiling_face:

Lmao false.

i’ve survived all my 72 days without getting flagged
try it