It can still be done!

No mythical plates found, no important premium weapons, no legacy items, $0 spent.

I’ve still got some room to upgrade too. Hoping to make it into the top 10 after I finish upgrading.



These type of physical mech is always great. But i’m top 45 after fight.

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fun fact i have the items to make rice’s mech lol

Physical Mechs are the easiest to get top 50 with because they don’t need premium weapons, but ultimately the weakest class.

Builds like Rice’s and with 2 Nightfalls are the best builds without premium items.

Well @Blex Im guesing you are an old player then?

I had played a few weeks here and there, but I had almost nothing. I guess I’d have had an advantage if I’d known they’d let people use strong legacy items like shields, but I didn’t so my only real advantage was having a bit of upgrading fodder (which could have been made up for with a few days of playing).

I just played a lot, upgraded with maximum efficiency and built the best non-premium build I could.

But full disclosure (lol) I did find a mythical resistance module so I’m about as strong as I would be if I was fully upgraded without it, even though I’m not fully upgraded yet.

ahh what do you mean by non premium?

The best builds usethe best legendary/mythical only items like multiple magma blasts, bunker shells and mythical plates. I built the best build I could without those items, which is a physical build.

Oh I wish I had magma blasts and bunker shells etc would a mercy be classified as one?

Yeah anything that can’t be found at epic level. Most of the topic energy and heat Mechs uses these weapons almost exclusively.

Physicals can get by without them.

I did find a Desert Fury, but it rarely gives me any sort of advantage.

Never heard of desert fury I need to look at it
I have a desert snake tho

EDIT: Isnt the -23 Resist helpful?

It does less damage over the course of the match than Nightfall. It’s useful if I go second when starting at 5 range in physical vs physical (makes them have to be the one to move or use Night Eagle) and it’s good to be able to finish people at long ranges.

2 Nightfalls would probably get me about the same win rate though.

how did you even become rank 1?

or am i just unlucky?

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@ImmortalHunter Maybe its your weapons