Is Vandal Rage a good weapon?

21 PM
I just got it from the portal
And finally an item portal!!!

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How did you get it? Is it a guaranteed drop or no?

looks OP but weird range…


From insane

Dangit… I’ll try insane, but not sure if I can beat it.

Why it is a top weapon, I want it to be a side weapon so I can equip 4…


As I see it:


  • Damages cooling.
  • IS ENERGY-FREE and that’s amazing!
  • Low heat cost (but it’s understandable as it doesn’t deal much either).
  • Does resist damage.
  • Very aesthetic.
  • Is a free-player pusher (but I don’t know how good it is thanks to that range…).
  • Pretty light weight.


  • Very little heat damage!
  • Very little explosive damage!
  • Just 1 use for a weapon this weak?
  • The funny range…

Magma Blast is a basically the good yet L-M version of this.
Vandal Rage is the poor man’s Magma,pretty much…And that is sad.
Sure,it might be a cool addition,but at least in my eyes,it’s pretty useless :'D

When I first saw it,I wondered how amazing this could be.
Now that I see its stats,I am pretty disappointed and not happy with it…
So,today I wasted 553 tokens on a bunch of garbage and discovered a new useless item.YAY WHAT A DAY!

Did so,e grinding this morning and got one to this point. It is a little underpowered, yes. And wish it had more than one use. It fits my scheme pretty well though, as I had been hoping for a no-energy setup for the Desolation.

Currently, I’ll rate it as “OK”.


imagine those as max myth with dual CL and dual Magma Blast XD


Desert fury heat style?


nope it only has one use.

I got one on hard mode

it looks like it’s a shutdown gun, pack two of them and some high heat gen weaps and it will be hard to not get shut down unless you have VERY high cooling


you forgot in PROS that it generates very little heat to user ^^

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It will work wonders with Desolation. Too bad it has two weaknesses:

  1. It is a top weapon, so Dual Desolation + Vandal is not an option…
  2. It should have range 3-4 to allow to position the enemy in range 4 for shooting top weapons… Instead, a bit awkward… Otherwise, a good weapon…

It did say either Hard mode or Insane

I thought it was good. Now that I see the stats. Sad music plays in the background My life is a lie.


I was the same way…At least my disappointment is shared :’)

A good build for this weapon I can think of is deso, VR, abomination + MB/ dual MB and corrupt light, no other ideas

İs this possible? :grin::grin: