Is trading real?


It will make this game perish… If they add this, people would easily abuse this by creating new accounts, buying boxes with the starting tokens, trading it over to their main account, and deleting it. Rinse and Repeat.


he’s a very good coder


Man this topic went to shit quickly lol


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I agree 100%. Well played, gentlemen… Well played! :rofl:



Then make it unlock at 50,000,000 EXP Or 100,000,000 EXP


Sigh… Berserk, thanks for making this topic explode. :roll_eyes:

I’ll just put this quote here from the original topic:


No… Make it unlock at Level 151! :joy:


I should have trading because reason that gives no reason and I will definitely not create new accounts and exploit. Oh hey lol I got it. No don’t spoil the joke!!



i have one laying around, although not myth since I dont use heat

wanna do a trade with some res mods? :laughing:


Saying trading is real is like saying pigs can fly and shoot lazers from their eyes


So trading is real? wow!




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I think that trade is a very good thing, but it must be regulated or parameterized, initially it should be tested only between members of the same clan. that would help detect alt accounts since they could not make deals unless they are in the same clan and fraudulent movements could be detected. however, I think it would be a function linked to the clans. that would make sense.

it is my personal opinion. I do not want any hysterical fan responding.


Maybe only for players with level 150 to prevent alt spamming?


I am level 150 but, where?


I meant theoretically if they were to add it they could make it level 150 only.


Think that lvl 150 can be attained in about 10 days.
And in the proccess of doing that, alot of rewards can also be obtained.
So alt accounts can be created and thus trade can be done.
What marvels me it that even token exchange is no longer available and that feature was present in Legacy and also in Reloaded for a time… because of reasson above.