Is trading real?


Tell me why i read burbon?
Today in my country there is “40 glasses” celebration befor lent… in wich you have to give 40 glases of palinca…want the rest of 4 remaining? I drank the rest so… was willing to trade them for some burbon.


You can trade 20 plats for a kidney

That s what i call a trade

of course that kidney price is different in different countries,plat price is same everywhere


“WhaT iF trAdinG reQuirEd yoU to Have 1 miLliOn XP aS a pRereQuIsite?”



LMFAO Traf!!! :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::man_facepalming:


More baseless allegations against members of our clan who have done absolutely nothing to you, bro… Classy.

#HateSpeech against players from Singapore and Indonesia. :no_entry_sign:


Don’t turn this topic in a fight, we are not here to offend other people, we are here to discuss a subject. It’s about trading, not aspects between clans.


I agree, if you fight then chances are your gonna get alot of flags, demotions in roles and maybe a ban


No off course

nice bait by the way LoL


Bait? What bait?



Where’s the tackle box


a box where american football players tackle each other?


I MADE A JOKE, GUYS :slight_smile:
That is why I put a “;D” in the end
The exchange feature hasn’t been added and we don’t plan to implement it :slight_smile:


They should add trading tho… even if it was for 1 day.
Also this picture looks very convincing :slight_smile:


body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?


if Tacticsoft implement this, Super Mechs will be more interesting
But they will never listen the ideas from the fans -.-


R u sure about that?


That is for me or no?

And if are yes…Yeah, i am sure of that


Not even close… speak to El_Metre