Is trading real?


If trading was implemented somehow, SM would gain tons of popularity and a very large community.
Which would most likely result in more people spending money on the game.

However, it’s very hard to execute.

The main problem is people who would make alt accounts just to get tokens which would also give them a way to “cheat” the game system.

But if some longer intro were to be implemented, and restrictions for trading. Then yes. It would be an awesome idea.

Trading after levels isn’t an option as a stand-alone restriction. Something more has to be added.

However, I rather believe that there will have to be a restriction which includes L-M item for L-M item.

That way, people won’t be able to abuse the trading system with alt accounts, while also giving trades a limit per week or per day.

So in order to get a nice L-M item that you want, you will have to find a partner who accepts your L-M item. So both parties will eventually benefit in their interests.

I personally think that is the only way to go…
Feel free to criticize my opinion in case I am lacking something, or suggest something new? :slight_smile:

P.S.: Trading in SM will have a system holes, which are hard to cover. The real question is if it’s worth it for devs and community as a whole. It’s something very radical for this game.


L-M for L-M isn’t enough since you can just trade a bad one for a good one as of now, just save a bad one in your main and keep creating alts. also, not necessarily you will trade one item for just another. the paid item is a sad thing, but it’s at least good to those who have them.


Normally, they are not entitled to do this as an exchange

when was it possible to exchange?

I do not understand,it’s not normal pff

a comment ? @Mohadib


I have 2 of that…!!! I dont use it.


I have 2 red rains and a bunch of other stuff. You should give me the code too :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it true that the exchange is coming? Where was this announced? And the people who do not participate in the forums, as you know in advance?

Personally I think it’s all a joke. But if the exchange comes, I do several alt accounts and I’m passing what I get for free and it serves to my main account.

  • @Berserk40000… Here I want to make a parenthesis. I don´t know if this is true or not. But it isn´t the first time that there is talk of some change in advance on forums and that´s very bad! Most of the players don´t participate on the forums, the game doesn´t establish any obligation to be a member of forum or to read it. So it’s not good to make ads in advance here that 90% of players don´t know!
    Even some raffles result have been posted here on forum that were never published on the game. So if someone won something and was never charged to his account (as has happened), this player may never have known he has the right to claim a prize!


welp if this get’s released i will be happy


@lordgorgon 1 magma for 1 plate? my single magma is just sitting here collecting dust


if is done the testing i want a sorrow and i will trade my legendary or mythical(it will depend) spartan carnage or my dawnblaze


deal, i don’t like my sorrow and it’d be more likely for me to do a dual spartan build then a sorrow one. it’s never getting implemented tho, and if it is would be with hard restrictions.


I have 4 now. But none are maxed. How about yours??


make it that you can only trade items of the same value and the problem is solved.

epic for epic

legendary for legendary,

myth for myth.

its not like a certain clan isnt already cheating the system with their duplication exploits anyway, the cheaters already cheat and the cheating doesnt stop. where there’s a will there’s a way. meanwhile, I have spare l-ms going to waste I would trade in a heartbeat.


Mythical lv 50 :)))

  • If you have evidence or a well-founded suspicion, report following the corresponding way and wait for some result.

  • If you dont get an answer to your report (as several have ever happened to us), you are free to stay in the game or not.

  • Throwing a ball here and leaving it stinging only generates, in the best of cases, useless comments that don´t solve anything.


Gee, the outburst of the sudden trade memes are getting ridiculous.

I’ll just…sit back and watch all the paranoia and targeting ensues.


This belongs here :
HashtagPuG :

Goes with this:

HashtagJoke :


I remember that last one lmao.


Then you are free to stay on the game or not. I have had several experiences of having reported facts for which I never got an answer. So, it was my decision to remain a conscious cuckold and here I am.


Who wants to trade a eng valiant sniper for a phys one? XD


If I had a Valiant, yes XD