Is trading real?


oh right, yeah, but devs still are his “boss” ("" unnecessary?), not the other way around, as much as i like him, he doesn’t have the power to force features into the game.


Its 2 ways. He brings ideas to the devs too. How decisions are taken, i dont know, but his (theirs, 2 CM) voice somehow counts for sure.

Anyway, happy to finally trade those magmas with Besty…


then i should complain to him my ideas aren’t implemented? and trade as a concept sounds fake too. i’m not going to discuss it.


as one of your High Paying P2w Members i think i should get the option,
Also seeing as i have stuck with the game and supported it in its hardest times
Not to say the other p2w players shouldnt get it
My Player ID Is: 18298484


Of course you can communicate with him.
There is also the “ideas and suggestion” section here on the forums.
However, it doesnt meen the feature you wanna propose is going to be implemented.


The CMs (Berserk and Smirk) bring the ideas to the dev team, but it’s the dev team that has the last word in the implemetation, since they’re the one coding the game (and supposedly, one the people knowing the best the strings of SM’s gameplay)

And all I described above is not always done publicly

Last point, implement ideas sometimes takes a lot of time


lol yeah, i know, i used it 3 times already (for topics) and answered some. if trading doesn’t hurt their income one of my ideas gives them income tho. i’m not sure if devs respect him tho, knowing they don’t respect their community :bomb::bomb::boom::boom:


Yes, its really real.


Most likely not the case. Developers are executing management decision, with a Product manager in between. Just like the CMs, their POVs count, but they dont take the decision. They are coding, doesnt meen they chose what to. Businesses dont work like that.


Would kill their income.


yeah i think they have the last word too, but respect means you are impartial and don’t care only about your opinion, the 2 ways thingy you talked about and idk if i agree, i really don’t know how decisions are taken in business i guess (it depends of business i’m guessing, never cared for this tho), specially if ts has a full business infrastructure or not.


I have XP in businesses, its ran as i explained. Businesses these days are working for balance sheets. Its all about numbers. Decisions always fall under C level peeps jutisdiction. Boards deal with long term stratrgies and main policy lines. Within C levels, there is a guy in charge of the development/product


well, what matters is that there’s no trading.


I always thought TS’s devs were their own “Product Manager” or whatever the term is…


:joy::ok_hand: Weko not chameleon anymore after Weko read this post :joy::ok_hand:



Thanks @bestplayerintheworld, i thought youd send them maxed. Im very shor in maxxing ressources atm, will take time.

Thanks anyways, enjoy your new items.


in all seriousness they could make it real, just make items obtained through paid tokens (could remove 30d pass from this, maybe refilling too, but it’s implementable) tradable. could do a selling system too, both items and tokens bust be paid… and for trading too, both items. yeah it would hurt their income a little, could add some rules to it like both players paying a tax or can only make 1 transaction monthly, etc. this game would pretty much be a TCG. on the other hand, maybe ppl would be more confident with spending knowing they can get the desired item, be it buying or trading and costing them more than it would through packs.


Trading is very real in other games, except SM :slight_smile:

Oh and in life generally speaking.


there’s smth i like in this game, but idk what it could be, any ideas?