Is trading real?


Actually i use only 8 these days. Keeping 4 for 3v3 we never know. So i have only 1 spare.

Many prots, any phys item, annnnnbd a maxe red rain…
Make me offers.


Now we can trade?

I thought a was joke, you’re malignant pff


Well i guess they just gave us somthing to save supermechs


You dont need 4 on each mech.
Listen if i give you 4 magmas, you promise you start behaveing like a pro and start using only 3 on each mech?
Stop this platplat abuse!!!
Make them free, let them lose, to be wild and OP on other accounts!!!
Stop platplats abuse!!!
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I tried… got my arse wooped for deso dont do any dmg … would i have 4 magmas, different story…
I actually have 1 since a week or so. Just having fun in campaign with it.


You know, that’s one of the sadest things I’ve ever read comming from a top player


Man, i did try all possible combinations with my inventory. All. Hp tank i run is the most efficient by far…


OMG … I got the Trading feature just right now …

thx a lot @Berserk40000:heart_eyes:

lets meet in the Clan chat @lordgorgon :exclamation:


The 3 Magma Blasts are ready to leave my inventory :exclamation:



@Berserk40000 give it 2 me 2 :v
would love some spare parts from my clanmate :v


Good to go.

Lets roll.

Thanks @Berserk40000



hop on the bandwagon, why don’t ya


meh, WHAT?

i didn’t know u love jokes as well, nice


With all these bandwagon hoppers, I have to say:

This is boring now.

Oppression is biased.

Normies are bland.

Uniqueness is uniquely rare here.

Hips are disgusting.



Hips usualy go with azz…

So i am gonna guess you are more of breast guy?
Not an azz guy?


lmao that’s hilarious to me


berserk is only a forum moderator as far as i know, it’s fake.




Berserk is CM, an employee of TS. Not a forum moderator.


what is CM again? I suppose devs could implement trading and say, hey give access to ppl without fakes, but sounds unlikely.


Stands for community manager. Interface between develppment team and the outside world.