Is trading real?


SuperMechs Player IS KilliN lol


Never is a very specific term :thinking:


supermechs player is my name lol, long story.


Oh lol. Thats a weird name why would you name yourself that …

Edit: I guess we have to wait for video then To see if trading is real. Or I can just message tactisoft and ask them about it.




@KilliN why tf would you trade a magma blast for a MAXED brutality.


Cause we can trade back at any time?




A noob would not have a maxed out Magma Blast in the first place.


Good work … but I found the mistake they made …

the “a” from “Player” is a wrong used letter :exclamation:

But nice try :exclamation:



very good catch! Even I didn’t see it :partying_face:


Well, if that’s true, then the role of a base Account number is infinite.


Actualy it could be just a visual glitch, or spellcheck… SM is kinda of full of them.
Trading would however really breack the game.
Spawns of new top players would apear out of thin air, most of them beeing alts of other top players… and so on.
New account would spawn dayly, finishing the campaign in less then 1 day, to rip rewards from it… then trading the rewards to main acounts.
And most important… TS would lose tones of money from the whales hunting specific items… like @WinzKay and @lordgorgon tried with magmas, like i do with Red Rain(only missing piece from my collection).


why pulling our leg?..:tired_face:


@WinzKay how bored were you to make a fake trading UI? lol



Hey hey, tis real mate :eyes:


Silly, I’ve made these before. Nice attempt though uwu


Listening to you, I’m afraid that if you really start trading, super mechs may go to END . I believe it’s fake. Otherwise, I’m disappointed with the game. Good equipment is bought, and I don’t have the pleasure of getting good equipment slowly.(The pleasure of playing this game is to get good equipment by my own efforts.To be strong by your own efforts.)


me no makey

me no smart enough


the earth is flat