Is trading real?


If it is a real feature, post a video of a trade within the hour.


Nah I’m not that desesperate

Ya will be when i post it tho


well hello mr basically darkstare/corin who joined just to check out trade :))


Make an official statement as to whether it’s real or not.


Ah, it’s fake then. Video proof is the only way I will believe it. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.


That’s like me calling seanchoi you.


Winz, I’m on Kong, and I’m not Darkstare.


i know

its just that you, corin and darkstare have the same speech personalities


dude i’m at phone lol, it’s 3 AM here


No we don’t.


What more must be said :blush: lmao


If you’ve ever watched my speech patterns on Discord or Kong chat, you’d know that I don’t use proper punctuation on either of those places, just here.





Well i may know when i can trade, @KilliN whatis your X+EXP Count?


If thats tue i will be fishing long lost seraph blade.


Im sorry i just had to


I think it should unlock when you have 100,000,000 EXP on both accounts, i have a few things i can trade, a ash, valient, MVP, Protectors, Claws, Plates…


W7y yu li44le.(why yu litle)lel


The most obvious evidence that this was a fake is the part that someone would trade Magma Blast (one of the strong and really good L-M premium items) for a good but not rare in any way E-M non-premium Brutality.
That would never happen between 2 real players.


In the screenshot you traded with “supermechs player” not @KilliN . Thats suspiscious.
Also @CloudedSunrise you can trade a noob anything.