Is trading real?


@WinzKay claims that trading has been implemented in the game and has a photo.

I believe that could be easily photoshopped. @Berserk40000 @Smirk are the only developers I can think of to tag, but if trading has actually been implemented, why wasn’t there a topic released?


This is photoshopped lol.


Someone should make a video of them self trading. I know @WinzKay can because he has a YT channel. There is no reason he couldn’t make a video.
They could also be on a beta server ? I only notice 1 player in the screenshot.

I started a new account and there was no trading option


here’s the brutality I got from him




darkstare alert


there’s still 22 more days til april 1st y’know




It’s all a fake everyone, @WinzKay confirmed it to be one.


how dare you




Called it


@KilliN @WinzKay

Record yourselves trading y’all both have YT channels :slight_smile:


Dwight, it’s fake. I already said that.


Let the imagination wander, my boy.


Are you Dumbledore now?




@Darkstare I can guarantee you winz is taking a Lol on you, i will make a video later


Yes, I know, he already said that.


Wait, you mean a Lol about it being fake and it actually is real? Now I don’t know what to believe.