Is this possible?

I saw this while looking at the ranks, and I believe that it is not possible considering that even one of the worst torsos, nightmare has better resistance than Zakares.

What is bothering you ? I don’t see something wrong with resistances ^^

16 +59 = 75. thats the max you can get with the zark torso :slight_smile:

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I call it pure liliana strategy

I can remember that i saw someone with 80 physical resistance. :frowning:


old version hack( WTF 99 phy resist)

And the modules for 2194 HP ( Zarkares + iron boots + 4 iron plating)

HP > Resistence.

Easy as that.

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Not true, the more you increase your HP the more important it becomes to increase your resist.

Looking at the match between LastOfTheWilds and Rovolution if Last of the Wilds had used a protection module he would have saved a total of 468 HP which is far better than having the 315HP from the max plate.

In a 3Vs3 he takes 14 shots total before losing a mech. If he had taken the resist in this he would have got an extra 546 HP making a difference of 231 HP to using the plate. This could have soaked up another shot and allowed his 1st mech to survive longer.


Why plates and resist module all base on legendary?

btw…it is so funny why people like big numbers…it is like inflation…
we had before25 damage, now we have 250…
we had 100 hp, now we have 1000…
soooo…what is the big deal about it??
this new version of the game is almost the same like before the INFLATION numbers…
so what can we hope for now?..
perhaps a stock market (i.e. dev.) crash???