Is this Mech's cooling point ok? Need help plz



Personally i’d take a piece of armour off to get a bit more cooling & heat


Increase cooling to preferably above 130, if you are using heat.


You need at-least 140 cooling in rank 1, now. You can survive if at 130, yet you have to be able to know the right move.


130 is what u wana work with. nut then ur HP is too low. Still better than being lava spray raped tho.


this is ok??


thats pretty good maybe overkill lol.
u may want to drop the 21 regen module for more HP. Depends how u wana play it tho. 🤷


i met a lot of energy mech today :frowning:


that mech isnt good vs energy… the weapons dont do much to them. The two that work that is.


i’m having a lot of black day…don’t have enough gear to build a good energy mech… right now i’m currently stick to this mech…and the result is losing and losing and losing… i’m tired :frowning:


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