Is this mech too low on Legendary-Myths to be effective?

So, I’ve been thinking of eventually converting to energy, but all I have is an Ash Creator, Sparked Runners, and a Plat Plate.


Last Words, Malice Beam, Ash Creator, Zarkares, Sparked Runners, Basic Teleport, Electric Grappling Hook Hysteria, and Face Shocker
1000/1000 KG

Stats (Maxed)
1959 HP
401/154 Heat/Cooling
638/274 Energy/Regen

Or alternatively:

1959 HP
490/196 Heat/Cooling
549/232 Energy/Regen

  • This mech will be effective
  • This mech needs some reworking (Put idea down below)
  • Stay with a high-energy physical mech

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but what do you do with the hook? you are setup for fighting at range 2-6 effectivly.
And the heat/cooling on the first one is kinda of low might have problems with heat builds…but is better then the second one, who will have problems with energy ones.

Hook + Ash Creator. Just a thought of mine, I couldn’t fit anything else.

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