Is this mech good for a rank 10?

Get rid of the marked weapons and equip more HP plates

Good for now.

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NO,because it has a ‘‘THING’’ :exclamation:
Yeah,it’s pretty damn fine for a 10-er.
You could give it a little more cooling though.Upgrade your torso and you’re all set.
Just…Try to go fosr a 2nd Annihilation instead of the ‘'thing’’,seriously…
And you’re not gonna use that sword forever,so try to find an alternative for the future.
Well,I gotta admit.That build is a hell of a physical for rank 10.Night Eagle+Blade+’‘Thing’’ is a pretty good combo.Night Eagle+Annihilation is the standard and most well-known physical combo as well.
If I were you I’d give up on the extra Night Eagle and get another 2 modules instead.Like…A cooling mass booster and another energy engine,but you have enough room for 2 engines so go for that anyways.However,it would fall pretty quick against an energy build in its current state.
It’s pretty handsome for such a youngling,too!

get rid of the thing
The ‘‘thing’’ too.It’s pointless keeping one if you don’t have a sword to play as its support.
Actually…It’s pointless anyways!

Depends i use a similar combo when going in the lower ranks.
Terror blade and heron mark, with grimsome…

He is just a rank 10 dude, calm down.

Yeah…But it’s a TerrorBlade,not a ‘‘thing’’…
That’s much better.

the reason why i have the redwall is because of the “thing” the redwall brings you closer to the enemy (I am hoping for a second annihilation to replace the “thing”)

You have no ideea how good the thing is when you pair it with seraph and an anihilation on a medium energy phis build.
Ps: except ash generators( if he packs 2 then you die), well you die in anyway against 2 ash generators in a phi mech.