Is this legit or not cause i am confused

Alright ima just post this here so t ell me if this is legit or not


Perfectly fine, Bunker Shells and Ash Creators will burn through your max energy.

Also: I think the replay bug is involved, where it sometimes shows you wrong stats for heat/energy.

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He used an ash creator to make that thing to 1 energy cap XD
I really dont know how!

Nvm i checked it and its the replay bug

Is two currupt light full myth maxed enough to complete big insane boy mission ?

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I once fought someone who managed to reduce my heat to 1/1…

Geez… it happens to energy, too, huh?

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I did that too with heat weapons in the campaign :wink:

I didn’t take a screenshot

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Big boy doesn’t have much energy cause he’s a physical build

It’s the new well balanced game system we have now don’t ya know :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You have to try and kill them before the 3rd shot or you’re out of ELE

Actualy BB has alot of energy compared to the other mechs around him, and if you go at him on insane, he has 375 energy…the regen is the same 40 ish tho.

You already know it but here is a reminder.
BB Hard or Extreme levels are a waste of time and fuel as they screw you out of SM.

Normal you get 10,350 + 400 SM = 10,750
I have verified this amount of SM is achieved for Normal Level.

Hard claims 15,500 + 600 =16,100
BUT you ONLY get 11,850 this includes the 600 loot
so you get a whole 1,100 more for doing hard level
Loose more fuel in doing so and the MIX boxes are the same crap as Normal level.

Not worth it.