Is this legendary a good one to have?


its a garbage, good for fuse


It has good drain which is the only thing it’s good for. But it depends on u if u wanna use it.

it looks cool on my mech though :3

As mentioned before, it’s garbage.

Keep it then, It is a L+M. I dunno many that use it, but I think @lordgorgon can tell you if it’s worth it or not.

Use it to feed the myth.

actually if you want to drain resistence it’s not

lol you just use a chance to make a tons of phys damage for armor destroying -_- , you die faster then you destroy armor

you haven’t even seen my mech

you showed it up before in one topic and he on you avatar

Unless your fights are like 25 rounds long, it’s mathematically a piece of shit.


its been edited alot friend

Don’t get attached to the weapons just because they have a cool look.


thats how i choosen my body

Your mech isn’t even physical, don’t use it.

anyway that isnt you choise, your main damage isnt phys

the reason im useing it is for my drone

and sword and stomp :smiley: